Post 2 - How Big Is My Audience Niche?

Last Update: April 14, 2016

Continuing with keyword research tools, today I'm going to cover the Bing Webmaster toolbox, WordTracker, and Keyword Discovery Tool.

What can I say about the Bing Webmaster Toolbox? Well, it gives you a dashboard that you can everage for the sites you manage and gives a summary view of how well your site is performing. It gets into a depth that I feel is a bit over-kill, and I'm the type that uses the KISS model - "keep it simple, sweetie". So, while Bing has reporting tools, diagnostic tools, sends you notifications on alerts for your sites, I feel it's more of a hassle to me than a help. I only mention this "toolbox" in this post because I promised in Post 1 that I would - best to always keep your word :)

Wordtracker is an SEO research tool that's been around for awhile, and is said by many to be "worth the investment." I have no doubt they're right, but for me (right now) I'm trying to keep my "investment" down to as little as possible...and as I've mentioned before, there are FREE tools that do a bang-up job of keyword research (seobook is my fav). But for those of you who feel you'd like a more "heavy-hitter", WordTracker is definitely up that alley.

The Wordtracker Keywords Tool helps you to grow your business and multiply your profits while getting you keyword results you can trust, saving you time, boosting your search engine ranking, helping you to discover new niche markets and attract targeted traffic to your site. While SEO professionals consider Wordtracker to be the industry standard today, I still favor the great free ones like Seobook. It DOES give you a 7-day free trial period, after which it can cost you from $ 27/month to $99/month depending on what "level plan" you choose (there are 3 levels: bronze, silver, and gold).

While Wordtracker is used by thousands of marketing professionals the world over, I STILL feel Seobook gives you a lot of the data you get from Wordtracker, and you never have to "upgrade" if you choose not to - the free tool works GREAT.

Last but not least, I mentioned the Keyword Discovery Tool < > which offers not only keyword research capabilities but spelling mistake research, seasonal search trends, KEI analysis, keyword density analysis, and offers a domain researcher tool, as well. It, too, has a free trial period, but is a bit prohibitive - at about $29.95/month just for a standard, basic subscription.

There are others such as SEMrush, WordStream, and more...but for what it's worth, Jaaxy, Seobook,, the Ninja Search Combo Tool, and Majestic SEO tool give an affiliate marketer SO MUCH without cost, that - especially just starting out - it's a no-brainer that, in this case, the FREEBIES WIN MY VOTE!!

These 2 posts were just to let you in on the vast tools available to internet marketers ... both free and subscription-based. But in my humble opinion, the ones listed in Post 1 of my blog here at WA are winners, one and all.

Be Blessed with Success! ~Gail

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lgpenney Premium
All that is very good to know. Thanx for sharing your research.
GailKing1 Premium
You're very welcome! :)
wreed Premium
thanks stay healthy wealthy and smart.have a wonder full day
GailKing1 Premium
Welcome! Sometimes as affiliate marketers, we want so badly to get on Google's front page and attract lots of visitors to our site, that we mistakenly think the more money we pay for tools, the better we'll do (at least that's what I thought for so long a time). Here at WA, with all the sharing and teaching, the "freebie" tools, such as the ones I mentioned in Post 1 are more than good enough - they're awesome!
Be blessed with success! ~Gail