My Progress So Far With Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: January 04, 2016

The most I had ever done on a computer was write a novel several years ago. I have a second novel in the wings. That means I typed the words, saved the text, and printed it. I can e-Email. I have never been into anything elaborate on a computer. Watching my 17 year old son fix something for me by touching a couple of buttons has made me feel like I am in the dinosaur age.

It was a Major decision for me to join Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, i need to bring money into our household. But, guess what? It has been more important for me to stretch my brain and learn new things and also be comfortable using a computer. I just got on Facebook last summer to look for my cousins. I found them and many friends. Google Plus, no. I was too intimidated. What is this Google Plus, I asked myself?. Well, I am on Google Plus now! Hurray! I am meeting so many wonderful people, people I want to learn from. I can write posts now and put pictures within the posts. That is big for me, maybe not for a lot of people. I love my Omega website. It is simple but styling and profiling to me.

I really crave knowledge. My goal is to go through every program. I have to do what works for me. Yes,I need to make money. But, I'd rather follow Kyle and Carson's instructions until I am more comfortable and know what I am doing computer and business wise. I can write content. I love writing content. But there is so much more I do not know. So, my plans and goals for the next 3 months is to get in as much information as I can and keep moving on. I hope to be making some money, too. In six months, my plans and goals are to be a Wealthy Affiliate Diva, meaning that I will be bringing in a steady stream of money to help my family.

Lastly, I would love to have the knowledge to be able to answer questions for people in this amazing community.To be able to answer a question so that a person can move on and not have to wait for an answer would make me very happy. There is so much to learn. I love this adventure. I love this supportive community. I love Kyle and Carson, because they are so generous with their knowledge. I love my computer.

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JosieM Premium
(: your post just made me smile...its a very positive and loving post :D
Gadget510 Premium
Thank you so much. I love WA. Have a ton to learn. I am catching up on becoming computer literate as well as having a business.

I wish you all the best.

edtay78 Premium
Thanks for sharing! Wishing you Success!
Gadget510 Premium
Thanks so much. I am excited about it. I love WA and I certainly appreciate the community.