4 Quick Tips for Getting Your Article Ranked on Bing and Yahoo

Last Update: August 12, 2021

Hey there my wealthy affiliate brothers and sisters! Your favorite American expat has been reading the comments on my SEO posts and a lot of you guys have been asking for advice on how to get your article ranked on Bing and Yahoo. So in this post, I will be giving you actionable tips to get your article ranked on Bing and Yahoo.

Tip 1. Add Internal and External Links

This is a strategy that I've used with every article I've written. For those of you who are new to wealthy affiliate, I'll explain what these mean.

Internal Links : Links that lead to other areas of your website.

External Links : Links that lead to other sites.

Bing and Yahoo LOVE articles with internal and external links. My advice is to add Internal links to your other articles throughout your article. I'll give an example to demonstrate what I mean.

Example : To build muscle at home, you will need to be disciplined and patient. If you want to learn how to improve discipline in your fitness journey, check out *5 Quick Tips for Staying Motivated*

* This is where you add your internal link.

I typically use the above example at the end of my posts or near the conclusion. But I'll give another example if you want to take a more subtle approach

Example : Building bigger muscles at home with barbells can be expensive and time consuming. Especially if you're *on a budget.* In this step by step guide, I will teach you how to build muscle with barbells

*This is where you can add an internal link. In this case, I would link to my article that teaches beginners how to build muscle on a budget

Now that I've explained how to utilize internal links, I will explain how to use external links effectively.

You can add external links with your affiliate links. That can include html links from Amazon as well. However, I also add external links that are relevant to my content.

So in one of my articles, I talked about muscle building mistakes and I explained that many beginners don't track their calories. So I left a link to a free calorie counter that my readers can use to more efficiently build muscle.

To summarize external links , use affiliate links and links to external sites that are relevant and can help your readers.

Disclaimer : I'm aware that Google is asking bloggers to add the no follow tag to external links but at the time of writing, I'm still working on learning more about this. So unfortunately I can't give any advice on that aspect.

Tip 2. Space out Your Paragraphs

As someone who is doing college full time, I HATE having to read long articles that have seemingly never ending paragraphs. Chances are your readers won't like reading huge paragraphs on your site. And that hurts your SEO as well.

My advice to you is to keep your paragraphs a maximum of 3 to 4 sentences. Thank me later ;)

Tip 3. Add images or videos to your articles

Not only does this make your content more engaging and fun for your readers to read but it will help you stand out from competitors. Don't make your pictures too big on site content and make sure they're relevant to what you're writing about.

If you're also a fitness blogger, I would recommend embedding YouTube videos to your articles. It's perfectly legal and easy to do. Some of my readers have requested that I add videos to my workout tutorials and I noticed that it's helped me get an advantage over my competition.

Videos can also help other forms of tutorial articles that you might write or help prove specific points you make in your article.

Tip 4. Pick Long and Low Competition Keywords on Jaxxy

As a WA member, you have access to Jaxxy which is in my opinion the best keyword research tool out there. So as an example, instead of picking the keyword " how to get bigger biceps", use a longer and more narrowed down keyword such as " how to get bigger biceps with dumbells"

You will also see QSR next to the keywords on Jaxxy. If you are brand new to SEO and writing articles I'd suggest targeting keywords with 30 or below QSR as that will increase the chances of your new site getting a Bing and Yahoo ranking for your article.

Thoae are my 4 actionable tips that I've used to get ranked on Bing and Yahoo. I'll be writing more articles like this so if you liked this post then one finger death punch that follow button and I would greatly appreciate you.

If you made it this far, let me know how your summer is going and your thoughts down in the comments :)

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LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great advice thanks for sharing :-)
GabrielJ2021 Premium
You're welcome. I love being able to share the expertise I've developed since joining wealthy affiliate :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Fantastic tips here, Gabriel! Thanks for sharing!

GabrielJ2021 Premium
Thanks Jeff! I haven't been able to reply to our chat mainly due to physical therapy and college but let's catch up soon. Hope you're doing well my friend!
JeffreyBrown Premium
No worries, Gabriel! We will!

Feochadan Premium
EXCELLENT points! Thank you so much for your post!
GabrielJ2021 Premium
Appreciate the comment :)
IsabeloJ3 Premium
Hello sir gabriel do we need to signed up this bing and yahoo in order to get ranked? In google i have already account.
GabrielJ2021 Premium
Hey there! No, you don't need Bing or Yahoo Webmasters to get ranked on these search engines :)
Jreid91734 Premium
Thank you for the article. I actually use Bing more.
GabrielJ2021 Premium
I've also taken a better liking to Bing myself. It's nice that Bing helps newer sites and I've been able to get traffic from that search engine.