"Owning your niche"

Last Update: September 16, 2018

Wealthy Affiliate brought me the true essence of an online business and that is content. The key to success is beyond any doubt your ability to generate content that is extremely relevant to your niche. And that right there is the key and I think we all know it and we all get it.

For example a 30-day survival course on how to survive in the African jungle will be meaningless to a person living in a high apartment in New York. It does not matter how well it is researched or how well it is written, if the content ends up at a stockbroker in New York it is of little or no relevance. It simply will not convert.

As I delve a little deeper into this online business thing, I realise that the people who are succeeding "owns their niche". "Owning" your niche is to really get what that niche is all about. You are so in touch and in tune with the niche that you can sense what you need to "deliver". It appears to me that the guys who really get their niche, are being guided by an invincible hand to say the right thing at the right time, and their niche's can't help but falling in love with what they do.

I want to give you an example of such a person outside of the WA. His name is Tyler McCall. Now Tyler is a successful business owner who has according to himself "cracked the Instagram code." Tyler teaches Instagram strategies to business owners and helps them to find dream customers and turning them into raving fans. Tyler definitely delivers the goods on his niche as his clients achieve amazing success with their Instagram marketing. Tyler is an example of a person who has found his niche, and he delivers the goods day-in-and-day-out.

I think you "own" your niche by becoming it. With that I mean embracing every little detail of your niche. Generating content will then be a walk in the park and people will love it.

I just hope that I have selected the right niche, something that is a fit for me and I am a fit for it. If I am not in the right niche, I believe that I will be attracted to the perfect niche through the various resources and processes within Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe my perfect niche will choose me and I can really "own" it.

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AlanJE Premium Plus
Interesting post, thanks for sharing, Best Alan
FunAcountant Premium
Thank you very much Alan, all the best peace
marmar463 Premium
Great Post and I enjoyed reading it. If you have a passion for your niche I would say that you own it. Because you put all your work and blood, sweat, and tears into it making the content to it.

You give all the information you can and you select all the images into it. You design it and you work it. It is yours from beginning to the end. You own the domain so to me you own the website.

Best wishes
MKearns Premium
Niche + Passion = Wonderful!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Or... niche owing you...

Good luck
anusuya1 Premium
It is harder if you don’t enjoy what you do day-in and day-out. Thank you for for your example.
FunAcountant Premium
Absolutely it is so much more enjoyable if things just unfold naturally and not because you have to force it.