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Time for me to go my friends, and there are so many of you. I know in your hearts you all know who you are. Thank you for being so awesome.I'm not big on goodbyes 'cause I know we're all connected, so this is just adios amigos till we hook up somewhere else. I have made some friends for life here at WA, and that has been the biggest blessing of all. My reason for leaving really boils down to something moving deeply within ...something that's guiding me away from writing as an affiliate markete
Today is May 1st and it's still unseasonably cool here in Southwestern Ontario. The robins are waking me up in the mornings though and the flowers and trees are just waiting for a nice dose of warm sunshine before they burst open with all their beauty.As I write this it's cloudy and raining and foggy and +7C....and so...rather than letting this weather dictate my mood for the day, I'm gonna groove to this video (actually, I already have...a few times!) and instantly revel in the joy of...well..
I don't know about anyone else here, but spring fever in my part of the world has unleashed my inner rebel with a vengeance! If you think you are going to find some hidden treasure in this post about writing disciplines, sticking to a regular writing schedule, answering emails, making efficient use of your work day, mind blowing marketing strategies, or any other kind of responsible and mature business building tidbits, please move on 'cause this post ain't about any of that.As a matter of fact
This is what I do if I'm feeling overwhelmed or dessert...!Did you know that the word STRESSED SPELLED BACKWARDS IS DESSERTS?!It only makes total sense then, that dessert would be the remedy, no?Who wants to de-stress with me? Get the coffee on....mmmm mmmm.......Ahhhh....that's so much better...we all need a daily break...several in fact.Happy Wednesday hardworking, deserving friends!Warmly,Heather :-)
It's early Sunday morning as I write this. Dawn is breaking as I sip on my coffee. I am sitting in my favorite bed, pillows fluffed all around me, laptop on my lap, cat curled up and purring at my feet, and the joyous sound of a zillion birds singing is flowing in through the slightly cracked open window, along with the frigid air.I am wondering if Spring will ever come. When I was up earlier making a coffee I noticed the ground outside was covered with frost. Uggghhh! It's almost mi
This made me laugh out loud today...had to share! :-) After almost fourteen months at WA, there's still a lot to learn...Hugs & Laughter...Warmly,Heather :-)
Short and sweet tonight friends as I watch the sun go down....I came across this short 1.5 minute video clip by Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACP. He is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism. He is the author of more than 80 books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers, and in a global internet survey, The World Post and The Huffington Post ranked h
Whoa!...I I entering into dangerous waters here or what?!But before everyone starts smacking their lips and rubbing their hands together in anticipation of something really juicy, let me just say it's not about what you're thinking.For example, here at WA there is such a vast diversity of people with all our differences and personalities. It's like the epitome of an on-line, multi-cultural, mini country. Better still, it's not governed by overpaid and completely insane politicians los
Short and sweet my friends....just wanted to show the impact of making sure you put the keywords of your posts and pages in the title and alt-text on your pics before uploading them.Yep...that's my mug shot there in among all the crystals and it's on the bottom of page one with the keyword 'sacredscribe', the name of my website. So if anyone decides to click on the pic and check it out it's gonna take 'em right to a link to my website. Pretty cool, huh? My actual site is ranking on page two but
Just a quick 'work' post to let you know that writing and posting consistently is making a huge difference in almost every area of my site health. I recently made a pact that I would make writing and posting a priority over all the hundred other things there are still to do and learn here at WA. :-) It's not easy, but it is doable if we don't mind giving up a few sleep for instance. :-)Even though I've been here for just over a year, it was only two and a half months ago that I d