How To Stay Motivated?

Last Update: October 28, 2020

How To Stay Motivated

Do you want to quit smoking? Do you want to loose weight? Do you want more traffic to your website? Do you want to make more sales and get more referrals and subscribers? Then you need to have consistency with high frequency. But how to achieve those goals? How to stay motivated? What does consistency and frequency means?

I personally have a passion go to the gym and lifting weights. If you are a gym rat like me, you know the importance of consistency and frequency. Its simply means that you go to the gym at least 3 times a week, (consistency) over a period of 12 weeks (frequency). This is a standard training program.

In the period of 4 months, you have been in the gym for a total of 36 times. See how easy it is to compare this to content creation? Reduce your smoking, create movies on YouTube, go for a 30-minute walk, create content on your blog, Facebook posts, blog posts on wealthy affiliate etc.

It's easy to understand, but hard to do. Because we want fast results, we want it now, and have a false picture of how it really works. Then we loose motivation.

"I can test it out for a month, and see if its works or not, then see if this is for me"

sounds familiar?

But how do we keep putting out content days after days, weeks after weeks, heck even months after months, when we doesn't get the results we are after?

Challenge Your Self

Keep yourself accountable for your own success. Not the program, not your mentor, not lack of time but yourself. Sure, life gets in the way time to time, but how badly do you want results? You can skip the family holiday, you can sell your car to make money to educate your self, you can sacrifice your time with your loved ones for a month or two if you desire to make it in the long run.

Sure, you can work for 1 hour a day couple of times a week, you will get there, but then it will take you much longer time to complete your task.

Let's go back to the example above where the goal is to work out 36 times. With 3 times a week it would take you 12 weeks to complete. But if you only are able to work out 2 days a week, It increases the time to 18 weeks. And that's if you decide to go 2 times instead of 3 times.... 6 weeks longer. Just by skipping a single day...

Start with a simple challenge. Like a 7 days challenge. Write a blog a day. Then increase it to 3 weeks. 3 weeks is 21 pieces of content.

If you write 3 pieces of content a week, that's equals to 7 weeks to get to 21 pieces of content.

It can be fun if you really strive to achieve your goals. If not, this business might not be for you. Think about how many blogs, videos and offers are uploaded to the internet daily. And if people don't see your content, they can't go into business with you.


Regardless of how many hours a day you have to work on your goals, how many days a week you can spare, or what time frame you have set for yourself, every bit counts. Use it. Strive to do just one piece of content a day if you are serious. But you should aim for a minimum of 3 days a week.

Make it fun. Make it a challenge.

Remember to reward your self in the end of the challenge. You have produced 7 days of content, you have been walking 30 minutes every day in 1 week, you haven't been smoking in 7 days....

Reward yourself by buy the course to educate yourself, or the headphones you always wanted. Or take your better half out to a romantic dinner. YOU DESERVE IT!

Because the work you put out today, the results will come in the future.

What do you do to stay consistent? Have you ever held yourself accountable for your success? Have you ever participate in any form of a challenge, and if so, how did it work for you?

all the best,

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Fred agree, patience and consistency can open many doors.
Sound advice.
Fredeim88 Premium
You absolutely right Alex. Consistency and patience is the key to success in every aspect of life.