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October 07, 2019
SEO, traffic, exposure. Why is all those things important? And How do we get traffic to our blogs or our web page? We all need to get more web traffic. Find your favorite cupcake recipe, and a picture of it. The next step is to find a cute picture of your cat or a dog. Yhea, I know what you think. What have those things in common? How can it help me to get traffic? Fred is going crazy! but keep reading, I will get to that. We all know the importance of doing our homework when we make our cont
The risks and the opportunities I want to discuss the backside of the medal of being an affiliate marketer. You work towards to build a name for yourself. You work for building a reputable business and a brand. To do this you need to expose yourself self as a person. How much is of course up to you. Just your first name, a picture of yourself and details of your business is perfectly fine. But either you have quite few details of yourself, there are chances of people getting more information of
Pre flopToday I want to do something new. Something different. I don't want to emphasize on the business part. I don't want to emphasize on how to make money, how to get traffic to a web page, how to expand your business to get clients. Sure all those categories are important to have a successful business. Either you are in the blogging industry, E-commerce business, or you have your own store in the center of New York City.I don't want to get into Google search, how to make a YouTube channel,
I have learned so much just in 2 months at Wealthy Affiliate. The training is so easy to understand. The help and support from the coaches, technical support and the community are amazing. But as the training moving forward and after I got my website up and running, getting better to write quality content, there is something I want to get out of my chest.Things I wish I did immediately after the website was live and running (not necessarily in order, but before I moved on to write any content.
September 26, 2019
You have to decide if you are a lion or a sheep. Are you a leader, or a follower? Everything starts with a dream. An idea. It's your job to make it happen. Taking steps and pursue it with your heart and mind. No one can do it for you.Sure you can get directions from others to help you get there and lead you in the right direction. But only you can make it happen. You need to take the path, and overcome the obstacles along the road.It takes willpower to do so. It will take dedication. But with h
September 20, 2019
So far so good. But it's only the beginning and a long and exciting road are ahead. Now it's time to advance, do some tweaks to make perfection and move ahead. My next goal is to complete boot camp and I have already some ideas. Wish me luck.Just thought I would share my accomplishments with you guys and gals. Hope you all doing well on your journey. I wish you all a great day.Fred
To blog, or not to blog. That's the question. Today I was out of ideas. Honestly. I wasn't quite sure what content I could provide today at my web page. But then...I came up with an idea. I don't know if it is a good one or not. I let you decide. So please, let me know what you think. Why not have a designated blog post category where I can tribute with blogs and my readers can send me an email and tribute with their experiences towards my niche as well? This post was very short I know, and the
September 07, 2019
I finally reached level 5 of my training, and still there is a long way to go. However, The little seed is starts to grow and hopefully in time I can harvest the fruits. It has been a learning curve here at WA, and I couldn't make it without your help.The road to success continues.
September 05, 2019
My journey at Wealthy Affiliate so far I have learned to create a website with properly use of SEO.The importance of being active and productive to provide good content.How important it is to share the content using Facebook, Twitter Pinterrest and so on. How to include affiliate links in the contents. What is my niche?I have make a web page aimed for traveling. With reviews, news, guides and more for tourists.Is it easy?Yes and no. The easiest part is to create the web page and have the niche
I will starting out with exactly like my new about page. With minor tweaks. This is also my new biography here at WA by the way.I’m from Norway, which has a shy population of 5,2 million people. That’s why my main goal is to reach out to people, not only in Norway, but international as well.I have struggled with chronic back pain since 2009. Back then I was 21 years old. Can you imagine how big of an impact of my life that caused? Not only in financial ways, but also in physical as