What Wealthy Affiliate has given me so far!

Last Update: August 22, 2016

You know, I'm a month into wealthy affiliate. I have two websites in progress, learning about marketing and all aspects to do with it. I have come from a person with not a clue about websites-no real idea about what online marketing is, to someone that has built two pretty good, in fact really nice looking semi professional websites.

I have knowledge on seo, marketing, google analytic, affiliate and ad sense knowledge. I have learned to set goals not just on wa but also in my private life by following Kyles training. Breaking big tasks into small pieces with intent everyday.

I have become really creative and started to create and edit pictures, I have made friends on here and have support on my google+ profile. I look forward to getting home after coming up with ideas on how to improve my website.

This is all in a month, I believe in the program with my whole heart. I haven't earned yet but that is because my website is really young, but I know I will earn. In the extremely unlikely event I don't earn (wont happen) I have taken so much from the program already. I am beginning to realize the serious potential here.

So I guess what I am getting at, is don't give up because you cant see results overnight, I have become richer with knowledge, that I have learned here on WA, I would spend way more in one night out with my friends than a monthly fee on here.

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judebanks Premium
That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. There will be ups and downs. The key is to persist no matter what. Much success! ~Jude
Freddy33 Premium
Yeah it dosent come quickly. Persitance is really important! Good luck to you as well.
janmar Premium
Congrats on your progress!
HealthGuy33 Premium
You have the right mentality. Keep this as you go forward. You are on the right path.
JudeP Premium
Winners never quit and quitters never win! :)