How do you work with Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: June 09, 2014

For those of us who are WA Premium Members, we can identify ourselves and would read the title of this blog as "How do we work with Wealthy Affiliate?"

I always tried writing my blog to help newbies, the reason is simply I am still new in WA - 4 months and counting. Before I finished Course 4, I thought my training at WA should be done after completing my Course 5. This is not it is supposed to be, the training is to continue while I start monetizing my niche website...

The last sentence above is what keeps me wondering, I have not found my niche yet after 4 long months. So how do I work with Wealthy Affiliate? Rather how should I be moving with my own online business plan? Today, I want to renew my decision I made before I committed myself to upgrade to go Premium, less than a fortnight after I enrolled the free starter account. Here is how we should be working with WA:


I have no clue where WA will take me. I have no product to sell online. I enjoyed the free training and interaction within the WA community so much that I wanted to learn more. I have faith in WA to help me discover my niche, by going through the step-by-step training. The mentoring from the community is wonderful and unique. I can learn and earn as soon as I know how to follow the training to monetize my website - well, it is not my Niche website but certainly it is a "functional" affiliate marketing-based website. I started it with promoting Wealthy Affiliate Free and Premium membership. This in itself is seriously my online business. I am ON!


One of the biggest lesson I learned from the training at WA is this: The more my heart beats for making any dime with my baby site I built with WA, the more disillusioned I become. I have gone through a very real depression stage when I did not see how all this will take me. Kyle knew this very well, he always congratulates our little achievement and then he would say, "Go for a 20 days break!" I knew what he meant. I always come back to my lessons refreshed!

Finding our niche is certainly a process, a journey that we need to take. There is no short cut. The time and effort taken varies with the individual. Well, what do you think? For those of you who are like me, still remain a dreamer today, I just want to say, "This is not meant to be a race, and there is no need to rush!" Happy weekend!

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Simoc Premium
Have you trialled Jaaxy, Fred. There is a 30 day free trial and there is a niche finder there that may help you.
Trialynn Premium
Hi Simoc, might want to check about that 30 day trial, I'm pretty certain it is 30 searches, not days.
Fred Chong Premium
Thanks for the reminder - need more than 30 free tries while practising keyword research using Jaaxy, a great tool!
gusti Premium
yes, it is 30 free searches, not days, Simoc.
stn67 Premium
I just take one Course at The time and Do not move to The next before im finish my task, but i have figure Out that i would Do 2 review and one social post, and i Think what i feel i need to make 200 post before enoth notice my work
Eric62 Premium
You are totally right Mr Chong. You really need to figure out what you want and love to do before you can move forward. Great Job!
cubandane Premium
Hear!, Hear! Fred, I agree. If there is something missing or you are unsure about something, stand back a bit and it will gradually filter through. Like you said this is not a race. Let the others go to Vegas. You and I will go another year. We are the turtles and we will get there in the end!
I raise my glass to you. Good post.
Fred Chong Premium
Hey Simon, That's right we'll join them later, Cheers!
mackiejw Premium
Very well said, Fred.