After my long break from WA

Last Update: January 12, 2016

I'm back after absent for almost 18 months. Something in life took me away from continuing with WA. I'm still overwhelmed by mixed feelings coming back to visit my blog, my website, and more so my followers at WA. It's like starting all over again for I could not immediately recall how I managed to build my website.

It took me a while to recap trying to be in synch with my web presence. First I read all the update notifications from Wordpress, the Plug-ins, SEO etc. I am impressed how WA has improved over the last 2 years and then, I am amazed by my own creations during the 6 months before I had to take leave from WA. Now It is a challege for me to recoup my previous work done, to know where I had left off, and to continue my lessons and connections with the Community.

My advice from the above experience is never to leave your WA works for too long, even if you must take a long leave, please do pay regular visits to at least check and answer your WA emails. Regrettably, I had failed to do that.

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JudeP Premium
Welcome back :)
Harrysastar2 Premium
Welcome back Fred, you'll soon be back in the flow of things. Best wishes for a successful future.
Lemark Premium
Welcome back and good luck!
Anewcreature Premium
Your blog is quite inspiring in the sense of bouncing back as did. I salute you and also I have great admiration for you as well. You did it so keep on doing .
sunny1960 Premium
Yes it's a bit hard if you have been away from WA for a while. We tend to forget things easily. I am still a bit new but I made notes of all the lessons so far. But since you had been with WA you should be ok because the basic setting would still be the same. Welcome back.
Fred Chong Premium
Hi Vijay, Yes taking notes is certainly a good practice. Thanks for this reminder!