Happy Thanksgiving, WA! 2023

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Hi, WA Friends!

This post is a day early, but I'll be in no shape to write it tomorrow! Lol

Wishing all our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Canadian Thanksgiving already happened, and I hope you all had a great one!

Differences Between the American and Canadian Version

I'll take the easy way out and ask our friend ChatGPT4:

American and Canadian Thanksgiving are similar in spirit but differ in their histories, dates, and some customs.

  1. Historical Origins:
    • American Thanksgiving: Traces back to 1621, celebrated by the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts, as a harvest feast shared with the Wampanoag Native Americans.
    • Canadian Thanksgiving: Often linked to the explorer Martin Frobisher's 1578 celebration of his safe arrival in present-day Nunavut. It also has roots in harvest festivals.
  2. Date of Celebration:
    • American Thanksgiving: Observed on the fourth Thursday of November.
    • Canadian Thanksgiving: Celebrated on the second Monday of October.
  3. Cultural Significance:
    • American Thanksgiving: Has become a significant cultural holiday in the United States, often associated with the start of the holiday season, including Black Friday.
    • Canadian Thanksgiving: While important, it's generally less commercially and culturally pervasive than its American counterpart.
  4. Traditional Foods:
    • Both celebrations typically feature similar foods like turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. However, there may be slight variations in recipes or additional dishes depending on regional and cultural influences.
  5. Public Holiday Status:
    • American Thanksgiving: A major public holiday in the United States, leading to significant travel and family gatherings.
    • Canadian Thanksgiving: Also a public holiday, but with less emphasis on large-scale travel and shopping events compared to the U.S.
  6. Associated Traditions:
    • American Thanksgiving: Famous for parades (like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade), American football games, and the commencement of Christmas shopping season.
    • Canadian Thanksgiving: More focused on the harvest and giving thanks, with less emphasis on large parades or football games.
  7. Historical Evolution:
    • American Thanksgiving: Became a national holiday in 1863, proclaimed by President Abraham Lincoln.
    • Canadian Thanksgiving: Officially became a national holiday in 1879; however, the date fluctuated until it was fixed in 1957.

How did AI do? Please feel free to add anything you feel is missing!

My "Italian" Thanksgiving!

I've spoken about this many times in the past, so I'll make it brief.

The Italian Americans feel the need to make every holiday "more Italian," Lol

Our Thanksgiving has always been just another reason to get the family together to have fun and eat way too much! Finding the "ceremonious turkey" is like playing "Where's Waldo!"

Here's our basic 15-step Thanksgiving workflow:

1. Shop for food and begin cooking and preparing things weeks in advance

2. Deliver a lot of the food to a central location 1 to 2 days in advance

3. Begin the feast at about 1 P.M. with appetite stimulant drinks, the "Aperitivo," including a Bellini, Aperol Spritz, and Negroni.

4. Antipasto (before pasta or the first course of the main meal) time! The antipasto is so extensive it occupies its own table!

5. The pasta dish; usually two types, one with red and the other with white sauce.

6. Lots of hollering about the order of how the meat dishes should come out.

7. The "secondo" meat dish with everything you can imagine, including a turkey that no one is really interested in, but has a piece to mark the occasion.

8. Veggies, enough to gag a maggot! lol

9. "Digestant (Digestif) drink time!; even though there was more wine than you can imagine throughout the meal. We're talkin' Grappa, Sambuca, Drambuie, and the "big gun" (usually reserved for those with abdominal discomfort) Fernet-Branca! There's always a big fight over the actual "secret ingredients" that it's made from!

10. The fight for the couches and comfortable chairs to sleep off the tryptophan, booze, and the GI shunt of blood away from the brain! I've been asked to explain how it works ever since I was in medical school. You'd think they'd be sick of the same explanation again and again by now! Lol

11. The neighborhood stroll; for the brave few that dare to add a little exercise to the festivities. It's fun to watch them drag others out the door that don't want to go, kicking and screaming! Hahaha

12. Fruit and Nut time. Out comes more fruit than you can imagine; dry figs are a favorite! You wash it all down with more wine and then move onto a huge bowl of nuts that have to be in their shells, or all hell would break loose. I've been hit in the face more than once by a flying shell, but luckily I wear glasses. Lol

13. Another food intermission, where everyone retires to the "parlor" to have a Sweet liqueur like limoncello or Grand Marnier, talk about getting ready for the Christmas meal, and (for some reason I still can't figure out) who died since the last get together.

14. Desert and Espresso time, with more desserts than you'd find in a small bakery! My mother used to make 10 to 12 Thanksgiving pies and cakes! The end seems near, but this can go on for hours! People start to think about going home at 10 PM!

15. The next day get-together to eat the leftovers and drink some more! πŸ˜ƒ

Haha, I guess there's no way to really make it brief! 😎

What About You?

Tell me about what you have lined up to celebrate the holiday!

Happy Turkey Day, WA, AND ...

Keep On Rockin'! πŸ€˜πŸ¦ƒ
Frank 🎸

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Recent Comments


I love this post, Frank!!

There is so much that I did not know about Thanksgiving.

In Trinidad, the American Expats and those with connections (us) to the US do celebrate but quietly.
We are not into the shopping excess.
Like you, it is a time to spend with family and loved ones.

I wish you a wonderful day!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! πŸ¦ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ»


Thanks, Cassi

That’s the way-overdone approach my family has to celebrate every major holiday. Lol

My aim was to make the post short and I left out most of the food menu, etc., but I think it still gives the general idea. Haha😎

None of us do the in-store Black Friday thing, tomorrow.

Have a great Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒπŸ·πŸΉ

Frank 🎸

Hello Cassi!
Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a good one, Joyce. πŸ€—

Great post Frank! Italians do have the corner on enjoying life I must say...as for us...just my wife and I and our two dogs Malachi and Elijah...we're keeping it simple and staying at home...gettin' to be pretty much a homebody as I get older...Hope you're having a wonderful day!


Thanks Grant

Being around family is all you need to have a great time. 😎

Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ

Frank 🎸

Sounds like you will have a fine celebration for this wonderful holiday. Enjoy! And include some fine music in the mix.

I'm going with a friend to a local church where they put on a fine spread. Nice not to have to cook it myself. I will enjoy it.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday--sounds like you have a good plan.

Thanks, Fran

Yeah, I look forward to it each year.

It’s a lot more of a TV sports day than a musical one, but we might be able to sneak a few tunes in there. 😎

Have a great Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ
Frank 🎸

Wow, Frank! That is quite a party. It sounds like a ton of fun. Cheers!

I'll be chillin' with my dog. Chip. He will have bacon and kibbles for breakfast, and I will have egg whites on bread.

For Thanksgiving dinner, we will have chicken and some broccoli.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and to All on the platform.


Hi Dave

It sounds like a plan. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Have a great Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ
Frank 🎸

I can relate to some of these points, Frank!

Point 10 is true - there is always a fight for the sofa and Laz-y-boy, however in my house, if we couldn't make it, we'd drag over the extra hammocks and coffee tables to cock our feet up from the dinner table and watch the football games from there! For the amateurs who are already 'knocked out' - Just throw a quilt or blanket over them - they'll wake up the next morning and recover from the food hangover.

We also have a tradition of having separate tables for the adults and kids!

If you're underage, you always start off at the "kid's table" - the extra folding table they pulled out of the garage for the adolescents. I remember when I finally was old enough to sit at the adults table - it was like going from PG-13 to rated R in a hurry, from the jokes, gossiping, mature content, and even a chance to taste my first beer.

But it came with a price - every female wants you to sample their stuffing, or their casserole, or their dishes, etc. - no excuses. And I was toothpick as a kid! My parents would literally hold me hostage until they were satisfied that I ate enough and cleaned my plate!

My favorite Thanksgiving leftover is making a Turkey, stuffing & cranberry sandwich between a dinner roll! For either breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving, Frank! πŸ¦ƒπŸŽΈ
Isaiah 😊

Haha, great stories and memories, Isaiah! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

We have "kiddie" tables, too, to some extent, but not exclusively.

We have a TV area where they can watch the game and make all the noise they want.

I was a fat kid because of the whole Italian "mangi, mangi" thing! Now that I'm an adult, I have nobody to blame but myself, or maybe my wife, who loves to cook fattening gourmet food! Lol πŸ˜‚

Most of my family cooks their own turkey to eat in the coming days as any kind of leftovers you can imagine! Haha

We're all a little crazy when it comes to food!

Have an excellent Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ
Frank 🀘🎸

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