A Person Who Never Had A Dream. Never Had A Dream Come True.

Last Update: February 05, 2016

The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Joan of Arc, Ben Franklin, Bill Gates & Steve Jobs. Do any of these names sound familliar? Well if they don't, then you have been hiding under a rock. These are great people in history. Each one of these people in some way changed the coarse of history. Some created Flight, while others created light. some were politicans, some were warriors. But one thing they all had in common is that they were dreamers. Hmmm!!!!! Lets think about that for a moment?

What is the definition of a dreamer!

here are a few definitions?


1.a person who dreams.

2.a person who lives in a world of fantasy; one who is impractical and unrealistic.

3.a person whose ideas or projects are considered audacious or highly speculative; visionary.

I really like definition # 3

Isn't that pretty much all of us here at WA? I know I am a dreamer. I spent 2 days putting together my Dream Board. I have a 3x2 poster board loaded with pictures of things I want & places I want to go. My dream house & my dream car are the biggest pictures next to my family Portrait! I made it visible & put it right in my home office right on wall above my computer monitor. Its a vision of my dream future. Then I have a smaller picture collage of these great people I mentioned before & even more I admire. This is my motivation to get up everyday & go to work. Going through training, researching for content to update my website. maybe write a blog or 2. without dreams we would still be living like neanderthals. the dreams of light , flight, & space travel have all come to pass. So go ahead and dream, but dream BIG why not? After all

"A Person Who Never Had A Dream. Never Had A Dream Come True".

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JessicaParry Premium
This is exactly what I needed to read today! Thanks
Franco52 Premium
You are very welcome. I'm glad you liked it.
mountainfree Premium
keep on dreaming, and full of vision all will come to pas
GaryHelm Premium
Very enlightening Franco !! A good read !!
Franco52 Premium
Ty very much! Glad you liked it.