Update Day.Uhm, Where's my Calendar?

Last Update: January 25, 2018

I've been plugging away with the Bootcamp course, and writing content for my site. Seven complete posts with a total of 13,901 words. That equates to more writing than I did for a full semster of English Lit in university. (Hoping it's of better quality than the drivel I wrote to get through that course lol)

This week, as many of you already know because you were accepted too, Kyle accepted me into the Super Affiliate Challenge woot woot, knuckle biting woot!

It's going to be a real challenge for me, but I know I need the focus if I'm going to make affiliate marketing a success.

Focus is probably the wrong word, for I can stay focused on tasks. I think the better word is pressure. I've always handled the stress of pressure very well throughout my career. I kind of thrive on it. Now that there's deadlines, I can already feel the adrenaline pumping, and excitement building.

And not ten minutes after Kyle's announcement, WA exploded with connection requests and thanks to everyone that started following.

Congrats to everyone Kyle contacted for the challenge.

I know everyone that Kyle has accepted into the challenge are at different levels of progress with BootCamp, and hoping that everyone is getting through Week 1 assignments. My assignment was to write 2 posts for my site-One down and one to go.

I've already decided on the post I'm going to write, just need to outline it first so I can focus on the content.

Again Congrats to all the Super Affiliates-looks like Vegas 2019 is going to be stellar, for I can already see the lights and hear the slot machines--Uhm..Sorry, scratch that, My wife is playing Caesars Casino on Facebook again. :)


Frank aka Foxxfyrre

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Memorylaneuk Premium
I love your sense of fun. Great post. Your English Lit semester served you well with content writing for sure.
Looking forward to sharing the Super Affiliate journey along side you.
With Grace and Gratitude
foxxfyrre Premium
Thanks Karen for stopping in.
Yes, I do have a quirky sense of humour, sometimes to my own detriment :)

Here's to the SA Journey-May all the Bestest come of it.
(I know Bestest is not a real word, but I like the intent behind it, and it's fun to say too).