Pressure's Heating UP!

Last Update: February 07, 2018

Yup-The pressure is on and it's only the first week of the first month of SWAG.

I feel it.

I'm sure we are all feeling it.

I know my ComoRock 64 BC-PC is feeling it. (It's my pet name for my prehistoric computer)

I think it's had a coronary.

I had to give my CPU CPR just to be sure.

It survived :)

Will I? (not so much a rhetorical question)

I will survive the challenge, but I have to get over a couple of hurdles to do it.

1) WRITING-I can write. I can communicate. I think I can get to the point. So what's the problem?

I think I get so overcritical of my writing that I over analyse everything.

One thing that all this writing for my website has taught me (aside from all the introspection) is that I'm way too wordy-not in a good way. I'll edit my posts and rewrite areas and find that I've said the same thing in different ways at least three times. Trim it down Frank, you know you can.

I think I may naturally be an ORGANIC-Content-Spinner, I'll just have to learn how not to do it within the same post!

2) I knew my work would have fun with me while I'm doing this challenge, and you guessed it-I now have tripled my banquet bookings for the next two weeks. Some days are breakfast buffets starting at 6 am followed by dinners later that same evening totalling 4 16 hour days. Two of those days were scheduled days off for me, but not now :(

But that's the life of a Banquet Manager-no rest for the wicked as they say.

I can get through that too. My posts may be a little delayed for the challenge, but they will get there; licked, stamped, and Google approved.

All in all, the first few days have been too much fun. I do like to learn. That's happening in a big way with SWAG :)

I've gone through my site, overall I really do like the theme that I have. It is the Heiro Theme, but I like its look compared to others that I've tried. I have content laid out and menus set. I do have one menu item that I will add as time goes on, but not now. I won't have posts specific to that menu item for a while.

I've created a new Facebook Page to compliment my site and the entire WA experience. It's at I'd appreciate a stop in and a like (or share) to kick things off with it :)

I have also created a Web News Paper using to curate Affiliate Marketing topics. I'll be using the web paper as a news letter for my site, and for posts to all my social feeds. I will be posting new editions every Monday and Friday. I have curated WA blogs, and my site and other 'Learning Affiliate Marketing' Topics.

Using 'Learning Affiliate Marketing' as a curated topic, many sites that came up are from WA members that have ranked high in that topic. I manually check out all sites that I'm going to include, even the ones that come up under that search feed.

If you have an article on affiliate marketing that you would like featured, I'd be more than happy to add your site. I currently have 10 slots for curated content on it. Just add the link to the post you would like added to comments below and it will be included in the next edition.

If anyone clicks on your post entry, they will be taken directly to your site to read your post or navigate your site deeper. If you do want to add your post, I'll let you know when it's published so that you can go to the posting to like and share it to your networks too.

I hope all WA members, Swaggers or otherwise are doing well with their efforts. I know I'll be struggling to keep up, but what in life that's worth it isn't a struggle at times.


Frank aka Foxxfyrre

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herinnelson Premium
According to your post, you have a lot of experience here already. Interesting stuff! I promote WA with my 2 .com sites, My Wealth at Home and Income at College.

Your work sounds great and I wish you all the best in your continued journey to success! See you around again!
foxxfyrre Premium
Thanks for stopping in Erin,

No, I really don't have much experience with Affiliate Marketing, at least not successfully, lol.
I did join WA in 2012 and really loved it. I was premium for a couple of months, but life circumstances changed and I had to stop, but with the purpose of coming back with purpose :).
I started back last November, and I don't think I'm ever leaving :)

Frank aka Foxxfyrre
herinnelson Premium
Wow! That's awesome that you came back. I also took a leave for 5 months due to an injury to my Humerus Bone--broke it right in two with multiple fractures to my arm and shoulder. It happened on a Mexican vacation with my sister to Puerto Vallarta last May. Anyway, I reactivated my account last August and love it again! I was able to get all my sites back, too!

Glad to support each other here!