A small bump in the road

Last Update: March 09, 2021

Hello my amazing WA family, I have tried to listen to the training only to go back, and forth on my phone this is not working.

My computer has decided that it does not want to work me, it is over ten years old, I purchased it in 2008, for my MBA. It maybe time to buy another one, that is okay. This computer will be used for my WA business purposes. I was hoping to be done with most of the training by now. So for the next week I will answer my WA notifications, give input when I can, and focus on writing more. In the mean time, if you, have any suggestions while I am waiting to buy a new computer next week, on what I should pay more attention to, please I can use the help. This is a small bump in the road.

It is just a matter of time, before I can continue on with my lessons.

Until later, be safe

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I hope you can get an affordable computer soon which will satisfy all of your needs, Gwendolyn! You are right--just a bump in the road!

Formysuccess Premium
Thank you everyone, I bought a computer only because, I can do six months same as cash, and it will be paid off. I do not like bills
Formysuccess Premium
Thank you all so much for the much needed information.
Newme202 Premium
So sorry to hear about this bump in the road
In the meantime, you can use app that has a microphone to allow you to talk while typing .
Hope your situation will be sorted soon
Formysuccess Premium
You are amazing, that just made my week. Also, put a very huge smile on my face. Thank you!