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Last Update: April 11, 2016

For some of the members that are new here they may not understand the true value of what we have here at Wealthy Affiliate. The resources, the training , the community, and other things. I've been been here for only a few months as a premium member and from what I have learned attending webinars and interacting with other groups and forums and hands down there's nothing that compares to what we have available here. What we as members get access to here for the few dollars of investment is priceless.

To get what we have here from other programs would put many of us in such financial debt it would be crazy and probably drive us out of the business. I'm sure that a lot of these programs that are out there are well worth the money and probably then some. But in reality when you are trying to establish yourself in this business, who has the $1000 to $5000 dollars to invest in a mentoring program and still survive this business. That's enough to discourage a lot of people. Plus, you're only learning one phase of the business, Whether it be email marketing, developing funnels, SEO, Driving traffic or E-commerce.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate we have all of that available and more for next to nothing! That makes it affordable and do able for the average person.

Kyle & Carson really do have the best interest of everybody at heart. They really do want the average person to succeed. Even the community here helps and supports each other. I haven't seen another program out there yet that gives us what we have here. So anyone who is new here and wonders if it's worth the few dollar investment per month to have all these resources and help at your finger tips? Then I challenge you to go out on the internet and price out what it would cost you to do what you get here. I guarantee you that the price will come in at around $7000 to $10000 easily.

My advice to all the new people here, is appreciate and use what you have here to your advantage because you won't find it anywhere else.

The Best of Success to Everybody!!!!

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AlexEvans Premium
Well said Frank, the value that we recieve here is beyond compare. The key is to make the most of the opportunity.
jdlovel Premium
You learn very quick "grasshopper" It took me a bit longer to get it. I wish you well, thanks for the Post
fmusiol Premium
Thanks. Wish you the same as well!
BradyHarness Premium
You sure hit the Nail on the Head with that Truth!
Brookline Premium
Spot on my friend ... You summarised the value we get perfectly and your full appreciation of our good fortune
Every success to you