A pat on my back. lesson finished, set backs, realizations (ok, only one ;)

Last Update: February 23, 2020

Hey WAmily out there,

I just wanted to let you know about my status so far. I just finished the lesson no. 2 of the training :) I found out that deciding which niche to head to was unexpectedly hard for me!

Why did it feel so much harder to accomplish than expected?

Choosing a niche because of the keyword ranking failed, because the topic I was interested did not rank at all + the content I wanted to write, (would have) targeted only visitors in the first stage of the sales process, even more lowering the chances of a conversion in the future!

This left me a little bit lost. I decided to take a step out of the situation. I stood up from my computer and did something else (I went to a furniure shop to buy an stand for my laptop). Suddenly, the solution came up in my mind when I was not expecting it!

Let's see if my solution will work for me

The solution is: I will write about the two subjects of current main interest for me! At this moment I don't even have an idea if this will be paying off (since it's a huge niche with lots of competition), but I love the subject and I have lots of ideas for articles to write about!

Besides that, I target to set up around a few niche sites with topics with low competition but me still beeing able to write about the topic (even if it's not in my field of interest)

Is there any powerful realization that I want to share with you? Yes!

I realized, that if you're mind is blocked, do not aggressively try to find a solution. Step back, get out of the situation, give your body and soul a bit of time to process the problem by doing something else and often enough, your subconscious will suddenly come up with a great, crystal clear solution!

So what do you think about goin' this way?

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