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Hey WAmily out there,it's been a long time since I wrote my last blog. The reason: The deeper you go into this blogging thing, the more possibilities and starting points you see, but to be honest: You also feel doubt.When I told my sister about starting blogging, she was like 'Okay cool, but don't you think that insta and youtube is the new blogging?'I started looking at other blogs and my feeling was like: Okay, the comments are 1-2 years old, whilest under a youtube video the comment section
Hey WAmily out there,I just wanted to let you know about my status so far. I just finished the lesson no. 2 of the training :) I found out that deciding which niche to head to was unexpectedly hard for me! Why did it feel so much harder to accomplish than expected?Choosing a niche because of the keyword ranking failed, because the topic I was interested did not rank at all + the content I wanted to write, (would have) targeted only visitors in the first stage of the sales process, even more low
SPOILER: This is a mood post, not an information on marketing ;)Good morning WAmily (I like that word!). It is a saturday morning 8 'o clock here. I just came back from the fitness studio, had a good training session. I am doing this often the weekends cause I live after the old saying "The early bird catches the worm" (does this expression exist in english?)After a training like that i normally relax on the couch and start smoothly into the day.But as you see, I am sitting here in front of my
Hey guys and gals,I just upgraded to PREMIUM! It's an amazing feeling, and I am looking forward to do the online course and the live trainings to learn ALL about affiliate marketing :)And as I learn more and more, I am willing to share my knowledge with you. So if you have any questions, just drop me a line!Keep living your dreams!Florian
Hey community here at WA,4 days before I started doing the training course. Within these 4 days, which I spent at my inspiring place, a holiday location by the sea in the south of the netherlands, I went through the lessons 1-9, reading, listening and directly applying all the new-to-me knowledge.Since I'm a total newbie, I learned a lot! I learned about affiliate marketing, wordpress, niches, keywords... and now at the end of lesson 9, I have my first niche website online.The big question is:
February 15, 2020
Hey community,I am doing the training, and now I am at the first important point - I created a website. Well actually it's the frame, the content will be the next step :) The journey that starts here is gonna be amazing! Wish me luck!