When Disaster Strikes

Last Update: March 09, 2017

Ssssoooo in the last 6 days I've lost about $280 (cash...just vanished...still looking for it), my laptop (Super crashed and appears to be ruined, getting it looked at) along with 6 blog posts that I was preparing to upload on my new website, all my pictures, documents, files, and 3 staff members from my day job (They quit, and It's my job as Coordinator to fill those positions)

Needless to say, it's been a rough week.

If you follow me on instagram (@sir_flizzarelli), twitter (@Nalij7 <<long story lol) or Facebook (my real name is Floyd Clark IV) then you know I talk alot about being motivated, working hard and holding yourself accountable. I talk about dealing with set backs with a positive attitude, falling down 5 times but getting up 6 times...that kinda stuff.

My philosophies have been put to the test this week and I am being forced to "practice what I preach" so to speak. I've realized that it is a helluva lot easier to motivate someone going through a hard time than it is to motivate myself when the hard time is mine. The Struggle is Real Folks!!

As of the time I am typing this post (3/9/17 11:25am) I am starting completely from scratch. I scrambled up $300 and bought a new laptop (yay me!), filled 2 of the 3 vacant staff positions, and reignited my "Beast Mode Muscles". (s/n these troubles began last friday on the 3rd)

I could have sat in a corner and wallowed in self pity, but I would still have the same problems. Don't get me wrong, I'm still dealing with the ripple effects of losing $280 cash, and struggling to keep that last client from seeking other services, but if I had let last weeks disasters (which were all my fault by the way lol) keep me down I wouldn't have seen that my advice was sound and true. Which has increased my confidence in myself 100 fold.

That's it...I just wanted to share that. No matter what obstacle you are facing...don't hide from it...ATTACK THAT B**CH!! You lose every battle you run from!

Thanks for reading.


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accad Premium
The great thing is that the person is still living. He'she can be more creative after a great loss.
Aandzia12 Premium
Yep, life can be a challenge daily
RHBarlow Premium
Good attitude and sometimes it is hard to believe but many have it far worse than we do!
Cristo49 Premium
That's a good share, Flizzy. Well done for facing up. Unstoppable. Best wishes, Chris
AGOgden Premium
Right! Only the brave get anything done! Press On!