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Last Update: March 06, 2015

I have to say, I find it funny that the better that my website is performing for my MAJOR keywords, the more phone calls I get from companies who want to sell me SEO for my less important ones.

When you run a small construction company like I do, you find that there are jobs that you like to do, jobs that are profitable, jobs that are fast and easier, and jobs that are very difficult and take a long time. As someone who believes in running my business efficiently, I have to decide which of these I will focus on to get the most profitability, with the least amount of effort.

(My guys on the job!)

Just got off the phone with someone who wanted to let me know that people were searching for me on Google, but having a tricky time finding me. Now, in my business, I'm just as happy that someone isn't finding me for those things, but I do still want to have them in my roster, so to speak. This way, when I have great clients who continually come to me for things, they will happily call me for these other jobs, which may be more work, and less profitable, but will help to reinforce my brand and keep my clients happy, and bring in referral business.

How does this relate to your niche website that you are building here at WA? Remember, even though this is a virtual "store" that you have online, you are still building a brand. You might find that one area of your site is gaining better traction than another. This doesn't mean that you ignore the other area and only focus on the one that is doing well, because you might have more lucrative affiliate relationships with the other areas of your site. Keep developing the page where you have the great traction, interact with your visitors through comments, find out what is working there, and begin to make slight adjustments to the other areas that will drive traffic there as well over time.

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Trialynn Premium
Great advice. Will have to follow up!
ABar77 Premium
Great advice. Personally, I . Might have a tendency to leave the area of my site that is working well neglected and focus on the part that isn't. But we do need to focus on the whole for sure.
1Sunshine Premium
Nice article, Sarah!
Christabelle Premium
This is a very insightful post! With some very good advice! You seem to enjoy your work!
Debbi26 Premium
Good advice! You're obviously very good at what you do.