Goals Update - 4th July

Last Update: June 08, 2012
A bit over a month ago, two months before my 40th birthday, I set myself a few goals, mostly to do with my Street Articles accomplishments and achievements to date. My articles have been getting views but have a very low Click Through Rate, currently at 0.56%, which unless you are getting thousands of views does not translate into very many visitors to your website.

Currently I am way behind in my efforts to achieve those goals!

I have not given up on them entirely but I may have to moderate a few of them and give it my best shot from here and then reassess when I get to my target date - 4th July!

Thanks to a little pep talk from Beverley {@BIS} today I am determined to give this my best shot, I may not quite achieve my targets, but I will give it as much effort as I can!

Two quotes which I have read or heard over the years:

It is not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the dog!

And from Brian G Johnson

Most internet marketers do NOT fail, they give up before the magic begins!

Motto for anyone trying internet marketing and not seeing results


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jwall162 Premium
I agree with Carson your customers does not know what your deadline is.
Carson Premium Plus
Goals and deadlines are two different things and when you're setting deadlines you need to know that you may miss them. This should not deter your efforts, and it is not a by-product of you not being productive. We (Kyle and I) constantly miss deadlines because unforeseen things happen, stuff gets in the way etc. Try not to let this dampen your spirits or affect your motivation as missing deadlines happens to everyone.

As you gain experience your estimates for getting things done by certain deadlines will get more accurate. Goals and deadlines are different things but in many cases they go hand in hand. Don't worry too much about missing a deadline, create a new one and continue working towards the goal that you originally set!

BIS Premium
Oops - feel guilty now. You're right you shouldn't give up. Can I be contentious though. After reading this post - I went back to your original one and read it agaim .

Obviously when I read something like that - I don't know whether that is all you have written down towards achieving your goals or whether you have far more detail somewhere else. So forgive me if you have already put in place what I say.

Take one of your goals. You want to write 39 articles by July 4th. This is a perfectly doable target but have you any idea how you will spread out the writing. If you leave it to chance will it happen - or are you better saying you will do 13 aricles a week or devote 4 days to writing all of them? Only you know your schedule but if you don't plan you could well miss that target.

You want to get 10 people to sign up to WA. Great - fab goal - but are you talking about 10 to try the free trial or 10 people to sign up - in which case you are going to have to get quite a lot more people to sign for the free trial. It doesn't matter which it is as long as you have in clear in your head what you mean by that and what you will do to make it happen.

If we don't put detail on our goals - they are not goals at all - they remain dreams. Sorry to sound like an old nag - but I'm a coach and it's what I do with people.

Keep at it

Beverley (ps and I hope you're still talking to me!)
fishing Premium
I forgot happy 40th....party....lol
fishing Premium
May be a little kick in the butt might help so here it goes........ my take Dave, you will feel so good if and when you reach your goal it will boost your motivation through the roof...you willl feel understructable and you can accoplish anything....make sure your goals are realistic you can accoplish them....I know I am getting my second or maybe third of fourth wind and achieving is rewarding....you can do it......we all can.....
fisheagle Premium
Thanks! I think that they are achieveable, even at this late hour in the process! Must just concentrate on getting them done, leave all the rest out for now, come back and clean up and get everything else in order when I have acheived these goals!