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November 05, 2020
For most people the new layout is good but for me it is a total nightmare. I spent months learning to navigate WA until I had it down to a fine art and I could find what I wanted almost immediately.Now it takes me time I haven't got to do the simplest of tasks when it comes to navigation. I am unwilling to spend all the time I would need to in order to relearn how to navigate my way around the new layout.All the platform is causing me at the moment is stress and frustration that I am no longer
November 01, 2020
I am sorry I have not been posting as often as possible recently but life has overtaken me at the moment and will do so for the next 3 or 4 days.For those who have not heard England is being closed down again for at least 4 weeks, so all the traveling I intended to do including family visits has to be done in the next 3 days. I will of course spend what time I can working my websites and WA, although I will not be spending much time before next Thursday. Then I will have more time to spend work
October 24, 2020
My mind is in turmoil! Why? I have no idea. After three very restless nights, I am fighting the sleep during the day routine to try to get back to a normal sleep pattern. Whatever that is! Like many people I get the odd sleepless night but this week I am going for my personal best, or should that be worst, record of 3 sleep deprived nights. A consequence of this my mind is all over the place. My character is slowly changing to one of morbidity and depression. Still, I fight on.Why am I telling
October 22, 2020
Training and more training! But, the effort will be worth it eventually. I have yet to find anybody who can tell me they don't need to learn.The training is one of the important parts of WA. Many come here knowing nothing, while others have been on the internet for years. Where you are, in your knowledge is immaterial to what you need to learn.Many of us are here because in the past we were doing it, but not in a good or efficient way. Even the most experienced marketer can learn from others, e
October 20, 2020
Time spent planning is not time wasted as long as you can stick to your plan. After a few small disruptions in my days recently, I have changed from doing a weekly planner, where I tend to forget essentials like eating and drinking and of course shopping for my food, to doing a daily planner where I don't have to remember so many things.I look in my diary on a daily basis and then after speaking to my partner to make sure I have not forgotten or missed anything and then I plan my day.I found ou
First of all you have to define your interpretation of how do I get a good life balance. What are you trying to balance your life with? Work, WA, Leisure. It could be one but it should be two or three depending on whether you have another job or not.I am trying to balance my WA work life with my leisure. You may also have to include your working hours for an employer as well. In the past I have put too much emphasis on the WA work and not enough on the leisure side of my life. This was probably
Oh yes! This is not a free ticket to a generous income. If you have come here expecting that, then I would suggest you leave now, before you end up extremely disappointed.It never ceases to amaze e that we have new members who ask questions and expect us to do things for them. I am delighted to receive questions and help where ever I can but, I am not going to do it for them.This may sound hard to you but I am here to build my business as well. I won't be able to do that if I am building others
October 17, 2020
Have you found that you not meet your goals for one reason or another. I know I have. There may be many reasons why you have missed or are going to miss your goals.In my case I was away from WA for about nine months or maybe a little more even. During that time I never even opened WA to look at anything and of course my websites were abandoned. After looking at a few other projects during this time and spending money unnecessarily I realized that my best bet would be with WA.During my time away
October 16, 2020
I am retired so my working day varies with several factors involved. There is no specific time for me to rise or eat meals, unless of course I have something organized. I don't have a boss to answer to just a family. Maybe I have arranged to meet friends or decided to go out for the evening. The possabilities are never ending.But, that is my life and I know many working with WA also have part time and full time jobs. They may have a lot more family requirements than I have. All my grand childre
October 15, 2020
I think I will just write today off. When you are down and you can't find a reason then for me the only thing to do is ride it out.I have absolutely no idea of why I am so blue today. I have had quite a good day apart from my mood. It is time to take the rest of the day off. It is 7pm here and I usually work much later but my mind is not on it so I will just be wasting my time.Derek BarringtonPlease like and comment.