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I can only fail if I quit. As I have no intention of quitting then I have no intention of failing.To me to fail = to quit, so I may find many wrong ways of doing things and therefore be unsuccessful but I will not be a failure or failing as I am bouncing back and trying again.I am sure many of the older generation have heard remarks like 'you will never make anything of yourself' or 'you are a failure'. These probably came from someone in authority such as a teacher. Someone who really did not
October 07, 2019
So after another short break I am back in the fold, although due to personal reasons I will no longer be as active as I was.I will still be scanning my emails daily but as I have a lot less time at the moment I will only be replying and not making so many comments.I will still be welcoming new member's and those that upgrade. I will be blogging on my sites and on WA intermittently when I have something of value to say.I know what I class as valuable may be not the same as you would class as be
September 28, 2019
I haven't written here for a few days other than making comments. I have decided to take a few days off.I have gotten to the age where a few days work means I need some time off. I can already hear the cry's of what again. Yes, as now I am retired I can look at some of the bargains available and just head off into the sunset.So please excuse me while I don't answer any emails or comment on you blogs until next weekend.I wish you all a productive time while I take a rest and look forward to conv
September 23, 2019
Are you writing for your guests or yourself?I know my answer and that is I am writing for my guests or my friends at WA. So I have to write it in such a way that all those reading it can understand it. I hope everyone is writing for their readers and not for themselves.It is not just the style of writing that has to be attended to, but also the font, font-size, font- weight graphics and use of color. You also need to pay attention to the layout and the amount of white space on your page.Have yo
So, how much is too much when it comes to training?I don't think there is a definitive answer to this as we are all different and learn at different rates we also take in different amounts of knowledge at a time.I would say it is far better to be well equipped when entering the world of affiliate marketing. The more knowlegable you are about a subject the greater your confidence will be.There are also several different ways to approach and explain the same subject. So if you do one lot of train
September 18, 2019
The evenings are drawing in for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. They are also much cooler and so there is less likelihood of wanting to sit outside in the garden. You can be bored with the television or you can use the time productively on WA.As we start to think about wearing thicker clothes and more layers of clothing we can use our minds to stretch our training and writing. Research is always good for everyone to do, irrespective of how well you know your subject.With the internet we
September 17, 2019
The person in the graphic is happy lying a field of Sunflowers and kicking their legs in the air.For those of us hard at work at our computers happiness may show itself in different forms. Perhaps you were writing a blog and suddenly got the eureka moment that gave you many words to write.Is happiness so important to us in WA? I say yes it is and extremely important at that. When you are in a good and happy mood the writing comes more freely and the positivity usually comes through in your writ
September 09, 2019
If you missed me the past week I am back and if you didn't miss me then I must do better next time.Yes thanks, we had a great time in Devon and Cornwall. I didn't think about WA too often and certainly didn't worry about not having a computer to work on. It was a complete break for a few days. Just lazing around (apart from the driving of course) taking in the scenery and the surf.It allowed time for the batteries to be recharged and new thoughts to enter the mind, before getting back to the 10
September 01, 2019
Just to let all my friends and followers know that I will be away from my computer for the next few days.The rank of Ambassador will soon be a sign of something from my past. I have enjoyed my time but I will not be able to spend as much time at it when I get back. I would like to thank all those who have supported me over the past months, but I have decided that this holiday will b computer free. It is time to recharge my batteries and come back a better person for the experience.I wish you al
Do you have those days when you can't think straight? If that is the case how do you handle them.As you may have read in an earlier post I have had an attack of the blues. To some they will work right through it, but to others like me it is quite debilitating.We all know how important our business is to us and we also know what we need to be doing on a daily basis to keep our business going. Some times we just have to take a rest which may last several days. While I try to do as much as possibl