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Last Update: September 13, 2015

The sun has already set over Switzerland, whereas in the States and elsewhere daylight still fills the sky. For me this fact is still somewhat mysterious.

So before I go to bed, I'll send you a picture over the ocean, a beautiful painting created by the late Paul Klee, a famous German artist in Switzerland. Yesterday I came across a tableau he made in 1930.

What do you see? Right in the center of this fully "orchestrated" human entity there's a pulsating heart. Whatever I percieve, consider or do, it recieves its meaning, power and beauty through the active presence of the heart, through my readiness and empathy. So the name of the tableau is: "Having Head, Hand, Foot and Heart."

In meditating this image, I hope you'll find back to your creativity through HeartBasedPower. By the way the name of one of my websites ;-) Right now I'm writing a post about psychopathy, a disorder where the heart is lacking all together.

What is your way of reactivating your heart in the long process of online business?

I wish you a good start into another week full of heartfelt surprises!

Cheers, Stefan

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lisa970 Premium
I always lead with my heart,I use to cry a lot and my mother would say stop wearing your heart on your sleeve.Because I was easy hurt but being online I have to be tough
Firekeeper Premium
you're right, Lisa, being online is a whole different ball game! It's important to know what to show and how. Apart from that, real friends are still indispensable to me!

Have a nice week, Stefan
KatieMac Premium
I consider myself as the heart of the business, I breathe life into it by the content I add and something of my personality .. it is an interesting angle to it all
Firekeeper Premium
Glad to hear, take care to the heart of your business!