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Last Update: May 16, 2020

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I have wanted to have a website for a few years now it was always in the back of my mind. Researching many hosting sites a lot of them just way to hard to understand with little to no help. Until I clicked on Kyle's blog review on "Is Wealthy Affiliate Marketing A Scam" through that I found Wealthy Affiliate. So I clicked on it and read the review. I know now it was the right choice for me, so I looked, I saw, I entered and discovered it's the right choice for anyone starting out in the Affiliate Marketing business.

Now after 4 Months I am open for business. But there is only one very important reason why.

I have had extensive help through the WA training. Without that I never would have made it to where I am in just 4 short months. However the second reason I have made it this far is because of the many women and men on WA that have been here, and have experience, who are willing to share their knowledge through blogs and live training like all of you, Kyle, and Jay. So everyday as the sun comes up I sit with my cup of coffee, listen to the birds sing and read the blogs you all send.

So now, I do always look forward to your comments, new ideas, and new ways of doing things on here. Learning and growing through the experts and even the newbies who also have insights. When I joined many senior members took the time to comment on my profile, it gave me a sense of belonging, and I felt very welcomed and I wasn't in this alone, because I came into this knowing absolutely nothing about building a website, business, or inline presence. Fear creeps in when there is so much scamming going on, on the web, but I took the plunge into WA and was soon comforted by the welcoming comments by so many on here. As we get more at ease with our websites and we get more knowledgeable we need to make all newbies, feel like they're welcomed and set them at ease that they found a viable, trustworthy, and helpful community who takes an interest in them. We are in this together. Building something wonderful together, joining together to change the world one website at a time.

Thank you everyone of you

Deborah, a.k.a Firefli

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Beautiful post, Deborah. You've expressed it perfectly. The community, sharing thoughts, help..all that is so valuable to me. Thanks for writing this post.

Thank you Lenka, it's so important to help each other.

Great post Deborah, Love it. I had a similar experience with one of those other web experiences and after a few Weeks ran into a Youtube of Roope and joined because it was free and liked the training model and then quite the other one and went Premium here. Just as you I am very happy here. Wish you the best.

Thank you EHozubin, it's great when you find an trustworthy place to be.

Great post Firefli. Thank you


Thanks so much gnoose

Thankyou for the wonderful post, it is one of the many reasons why WA is such a good place to be..

It sure is thank you for reading my blog.

That coffee looks WAY too close to your laptop! LOL

Glad you're doing okay. 👍👍👍

Just put it there for the picture lol moved it right after shot. Good eye. Thanks for reading my blog.

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