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Last Update: September 15, 2013

Keyword Research is great, i do it all the time. But you have to let your content flow naturally afterwords right? Sometimes when you write you get ranked under other keywords you had never thought of! About a week ago i wrote a new post on my blog, and today i looked to see if it was indexed. Lone behold it's the number two site for that keyword! Crazy luck right? I accidentally came across one of those low hanging fruit; in fact my keyword is the only one in competing pages under google. And i had no idea about it.

Google will show you love when you write your original thoughts, never forget that! Hope everyone is doing well on their web pages! Just putting the perspective out there, to not stress too much over your writing. Just a little tip from a guy seeing what works and what doesn't; hopefully it'll help you guys too.

Fiore Out

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Meghan021 Premium
Congrats on being the number two site. I'll keep an eye out for those low hanging fruit keywords. Lol.
Fiore Premium
Thanks, and dont worry their out there for ya! Good luck!