Why being YOU, is so important!

Last Update: September 05, 2013

Look all around the world, and count how many you's there. Wait, that only leaves one doesn't it? Of course it does! Now search the internet and see how many websites are made by you, not all that many right? You get my point. Everybody is unique, and they should stay unique to themselves! Now if your wondering why this is so important... just keep reading.

I'm pretty new here, and I've learned a lot in the short time I've been here which has been what, almost a month now? Anyways if there is anything I've learned, and its been a lot, its that being yourself is what can drive your business to success. When i first started writing my articles i tended to sound too professional, almost like i was writing an essay to turn into my teacher hoping she just gives me an A for the use of good language and facts. After reading several training's and learning about a little thing called USP (Unique Selling Proposition); where you offer something different from your competition. That something is you, what you like what you can create. It was in this moment that i realized exactly what i was doing wrong. I wasn't writing something i myself would really read.

Look your content in the face and ask yourself this, would you really read it? The hardest thing about this is coming to this conclusion on your own. After the high of working so hard on your writing, it feels like you've just written something really nice! I know the feeling, i get it every time i finish my writing. But what im telling you to do, is take a second look at it; would you read this? Take a step back and pretend someone else wrote it. Is the wording too sophisticated or too dull? Is the site that surrounds it too colorful, or even too plain? It's difficult to come to these conclusions on our own, and sometimes it takes a push from other places (For me it was some great blog posts and a few conversations on the chat) to realize your not being yourself in your posts!

Of course there are many that easily express themselves the way they want, and that's Fantastic! You've already got this down! If your new to expressing yourself through a blog like I am, you have to make a double take over your writing; just to refocus yourself. Think about how you would talk to your friend over the topic. What would you say, or better yet; how would you say it? Would you show your friend a picture while your doing it, maybe show them a video? What would you do in person? Translate that to your website, and you'll see a difference!

You see today i posted a new bit of content on my website, and it sounded a little bit more like me. I added more pictures that were more engaging throughout the post and lone behold, it looked ten times better than my first "essay" of a post and better yet; something i myself would take a minute or two to read. It was a breakthrough for me, and hopefully it can be a breakthrough for you guys too!

Now i don't know exactly how well other people enjoy my content, but there's one thing im sure of; it's definitely better than before. Remember, there are BILLIONS of people out there, but there is only one of you! Remember that you are different from others, and that you a unique "IT" factor, your own personal swagger; and that's what people will be attracted to.

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Thanks for sharing! One has to put a lot of himself into is work. Otherwise what we write is going to appear as if a robot has done it. Even if you read any newspaper articles you can feel its warmness, the soul and effort that is put in it. Or you feel nothing. Many words but nothing is said.

Thanks again for this interesting and warm reading.