What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Last Update: Apr 8, 2020

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l have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for just above 2 months and there are very nice people here and there are not very nice people but that is the world we live in we can not change that we can only adjust and live with both. We are here in this community to help each other not humiliate each other or bully one another. This community is by people for the people let us all treat it that way and not let Kyle and Carson's hardwork go in vein.

If a community member makes a mistake or misunderstood something do not respond or comment in public there are private messages that can be used to make a person aware of any wrong they have done and they can correct it if it can be corrected.

We are all here to learn and learn from one another. Some of us has zero experience in online business so l would real appreciate if you guys help us, not knowing doesn't mean a person is stupid it means they might not understand and may need help to understand where they are going wrong and it is up to us as this beautiful community to help such people.

To all the people that feels like me be strong and remember what does not kill you makes you stronger and better. Take everything as a lesson, do not let it discourage you in anyway.

I thank you all and have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

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Excellent message, I agree! Everyone starts at the beginning, we all crawl before we walk or run.

I'm sorry you have run into people that have made you feel this way. Over the year I've been here, I have only met a handful of disagreeable people. I've found the great majority of members are supportive, helpful, and work to motivate others.

Don't let the bad apples discourage you!
Best, Shannon

It's good for all of us to remember that we were once just starting out, and at first had some pretty dumb questions. However, they were asked because we didn't know, and should be answered in a helpful spirit, not to deride the person asking. Good point -- glad you mentioned it.

Hi Fiona, thankfully I have only had positive and helpful support here in the WA community. We are living in tough times right now and not everyone is blessed with a positive attitude. I have found that typed messages can sometimes be interpreted wrong though as no body language or facial expressions to read to back up the text. The best thing I ever learned was not to be affected by others negativity.
I wish you every success and I hope every day is fabulous for you.

You said it perfectly! Yes I think some people that may be a little salty towards others have forgotten that they once were in the same shoes as a newcomer. Yes some have had prior experience before coming to WA, but at some point they were learning just as all of the rest of us are. Its wonderful to have you looking out and spreading to word to be kind for the newbies and for the unfamiliar with the affiliate marketing world. Have a fantastic day Fiona!


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