To my gaming friends on WA

Last Update: May 29, 2014

I'm still having a hard time considering myself a writer, so I would like to get some feedback from my WA peeps. I'm trying to write content that I have searched in the past, and what I think people are searching for too. Keyword tools definitely help.

Also, if it's good, or you now someone who loves video games as much as I do, could you share the site with them?

Thanks everyone. Share a post of yours here, and I will return the favor and give some feedback if you want.

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Defiant6 Premium
Not bad at all! My site is geared toward gaming as well and I'm targeting a certain part of the videogame industry since it is what I enjoy the most. I wish you much success.
fallinfrog Premium
Thank you. Much success to you as well.
jaeakins1 Premium
The article is good even though unexpected on a gaming site
fallinfrog Premium
Yeah there isn't a whole lot of information regarding employment in the industry.

Although, I am sure plenty of gamers are searching it. I have been for years.