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Last Update: May 01, 2019

Hi everyone. Today was a beautiful spring day in Texas. The was HOT. It was as if the wind took a deep breath and didn't exhale. Fr. From. The Beautiful sunshine made up for all that heat in my opinion.

I'm going to retouch my background a bit to bring you up to today. I had a stroke exactly 20 years ago coming May 4th and Major Depression has been ongoing, but manageable. I went to see my NP & my case manager(she's my "go to") person). All this time I have been telling her that I am taking an online course. THAT'S IT. She would always ask how I'm doing with the medicine, is it helping me concentrate, and other routine questions.

"TODAY"(in my Kyle voice), she asked me what online college or university did I attend. I said, "Wealthy Affiliate!" She didn't even no what affiliate marketing was. SHOCKINGLY to me, she replied, "U kno, I'm beginning 2 hear that name more and more often! What's so shocking was that she was so sheltered, this frail little young, lady with no kids had heard of... us.

This made me feel even more gtateful to be part of such a wonderful network of the world's top entrepreneurs.

Thank u so very kindly for reading my post.

J. Lee

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GlenPalo Premium
Wonderful story, J. Thanks for sharing.
Faithforward Premium
N-E time Glen. Thanks