Another Year to Make a Difference

Last Update: January 02, 2016

After losing a number of loved ones over the last year, I have learnt that everyday is an opportunity - a present (pun intended) to make a difference.

In 2015 the bulk of my energy went towards firstly setting up FLAME Girls College - which thank God is opening its doors to the first mainstream intake in two weeks' time; concluding my PhD studies - which ae done and dusted; and using whatever time was left to come and have fun here.

I am excited about the new year - very excited - for starters I can't wait to get the girls started with their websites and igniting the entrepreneurship spirit in them. It is my desire that FLAME Girls College be a high school with a difference.

I hope to be sharing a lot about the College here and soon the girls will be part of this community - I have no doubt that they will be in good hands.

Wishing everyone at WA an exciting year ahead.

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UKD Premium
Best wishes. Resurrect those girls- the last,the least and lost in our society(community). Nice to see green shoots of life(recovery). Keep the flame burning
hilarybassak Premium
Thanks for the follow Best wishes to you and the girls of Flame College in your new adventure
AriefWibowo Premium
Happy new year