Rule of Success: The Famous 4 Percenter

Last Update: May 31, 2017

I first learned the Pareto (80/20) theory at the college. To me, 80/20 theory isn't new. Let it be at work, social setting or even the online success.

In theory, if we apply to make money online, only 20% people will take action.

Statistically speaking, only 20% out of this 20% who take action will actually "DO" something "creative" to set you apart from others in order to rise to the top.

Sadly (or fortunately), 99% made less than $500...

Question to the fella WA, are you one of the 4%?

Stay tune for the next episode...

I am planning on giving out an important tool to help you build your net wealth on my next blog here.

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Milfrogdred7 Premium
True. I hope one day when I get there, and I can be one of the 4%.
I been here 4 months and so far no referrals. But, I have made
$20 through various affiliates. Not bad concidering last month was only $1.34. I'm just being patient, and adding more and more content.
Fabdermis Premium
Hi Millie:
Not bad on the fact you have made some sales in short period of time.
Some took over 10 months or years to made that first sale.

Traffic is the Queen, but sales funnels are the King.

Milfrogdred7 Premium
I know. I don't how it's happening. I did advertise my website on Facebook once. For $5 you can reach thousands.
Fabdermis Premium
FB is one of the places (among other good ones) to advertise...Good to know that you took the approach