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May 31, 2017
It was attempts after attempts trying to fit in to the corporate world, I admit I am a loser when it comes to mixed in with the "common-herd."To be frank, the agony and frustration within me is far more than excruciating, to work for an entity that took my most valuable time: it is just plainly suffocating only to learn I was working for a job not a dream.I started to analyzing myself by looking from within: I should be rise-to-the-top not only for my many talents but burning desire to succeed.
I first learned the Pareto (80/20) theory at the college. To me, 80/20 theory isn't new. Let it be at work, social setting or even the online success.In theory, if we apply to make money online, only 20% people will take action. Statistically speaking, only 20% out of this 20% who take action will actually "DO" something "creative" to set you apart from others in order to rise to the top.Sadly (or fortunately), 99% made less than $500...Question to the fella WA, are you one of the 4%? Stay tun
Well, I just signed up as Premium (sigh~ at last) after spending some time away to build my two other blogs (Pets & Natural Skin Care) and a (fashion) shopping site on the Etsy. Starting a brand new blog from scratch can be very challenging and overwhelming at the same time. With that said, I see this journey as a learning curve. Indeed, there are so much to learn to become a successful affiliate marketer and apply what you have learn in order to get to (or surpass) where you wanted to be.
January 06, 2017
who are with me to reach their goals in 2017?