Level 2

Last Update: April 04, 2017

So I am wrapping up the second course in the start up certification. Okay...! I have identified a niche, bought a domain, and built a site. My site is far from complete however...gkcmobility.com...I have a long way to go....

My immediate goal is to be a better content writer by the end of April. I can write reasonably well but I'm pushing myself to become better at writing for SEO content. I did sign up for the 30-day writing course as well but must admit fell behind and playing catch up.

Also I am figuring out if I should subscribe to Jaaxy or use the keyword tool...hmhmmmm. I need to digest this one.

I'm excited and looking forward to Level 3...BUT...I'm going to go back of some areas of level 2, write more blog posts, and craft my pages. Then hit Level 3!

"Happy Hunting" to all WA entrepreneurs....!

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accad Premium
Level 3 is waiting, and I know you can easily do it.
RichBrennan Premium
Well done, Evon - onwards and upwards :-)
garland1 Premium
Good deal you are making progress!!
AGOgden Premium
Great, Evon...now just Press On!