Email Marketing for beginners

Last Update: September 28, 2018

Email marketing for beginners:

What I have found with email marketing is that we tend to go and watch a lot of Youtube ideos on how to do it. Although I have found that it can be a bit tricky because when you start out you are expected to use the emails in your private email accounts. I took a different approach to it and found that this works better for me.

Getting started by building traffic:

Email marketing and social media marketing for me go hand in hand. Many beginers try to do it the "old fashion way" which usually takes ages to build the brand and get sales in. I have found with using social media marketing which directs traffic to your website and social media accounts first works. You need to get subscribers to join up to your email marketing. Facebook allows you to collect email subscribers from your Facebook page directly.

Step 1:

Create a Facebook ad regarding a product/service for your brand. You can also use a blog or article for this.

Step 2.

Do a boost to your local community (Do not do it with an interest base.) When you use your local community such as the towns, city or provence you live in the ad gets bounced around to a very specific amount of people. This will direct them to your Facebook page.

Step 3.

Set up and email subscribers list on your Facebook page or in an article that can direct them to your website.

Once you have collected the email then send out an email and ask them to please share the email with their email list. Most of them will do it as they will get excited about your services or products you have to offer. They can share and post it to their social media which creates a rippel effect.

I found that this was the best method of doing email marketing for myself and my clients I work with.

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AlexMonroe Premium
This makes sense, it has also given me a greater perspective on how to go about email marketing, so I guess what I'm saying is "thank you for your help in this matter" (very insightful)

P.s Thanks