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Hey everyone, So I know I have been slacking a lot to actually blog on WA. I thought I'd share my story because wow without WA none of my dreams became possible. A few years ago I was sitting and wondering what exactly I wanted in life. I lost everything in my life. My ex-husband caused so much chaos and things had just drifted far from reality. I went through about three weeks of sitting alone with myself dreaming of what is possible but how I didn't have the finances to do it. So this is when
Partly this is going to be a little bit of a venting session adding in my personal experiance with clients. I would love to help prevent this happening to anyone who might be thinking of using WA as a business method with working on client projects. I want to create this to help those who are starting out into the business world or who just needs that extra bit of information. You see I consider myself to be a pretty fair person all around. If someone can't make a payment I will move it to next
Hey everyone,So some of us still buy domains with Go Daddy, unfortunatily go daddy changed how it works with their name servers. Thanks to an amazing few people here on WA I have managed to get the new details for Go Daddy. The name servers stay the same but now you need to add an IP Adress to confirm it. - The IP Address - The IP Address for the new DNS set up: 1. Open go daddy2. Go to "My Products"3. Find the domai
February 02, 2020
While I was Away:So not much here has changed since I went away. I had complications with my health mostly my kidney (healthy 100% again now.) While I was away I invested some time, effort and planning of my next move. I appreciate Wealthy affiliate for everything this platform has taught me and how I have improved my skills in WordPress and others. I decided that yeah the blogging is great but I wanted something that was more creative and could show in my work and life. I have always been a fa
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Hi guys and gals,Just following up with you all. Would like to let you know that getting your Facebook blue print certificate can really help you while working with Facebook. Their courses are for free and truly will help you understand Facebook just a little better. Here is the link for you: cover everything from using Facebook, instagram and even what's app. I just got mine and I thought I already knew a lot about social media marketing and this tr
Are you still struelling with you website and not being able to build it just how you like it? Don't stress because I am going to give you the top lpugins that help your website and can better your user experiance with WordPress. When I started to work with WordPress I was not happy with all the different platforms it threw my way. When I would write it out in the usual WordPress part I found it didn't give me the satisfaction I wanted. Then one day on my internet browsing session I came across
Hey guys and galsI thought I would just add this in here because I see a lot of people have asked this question before. You see my banking is in South Africa and Amazon only allows direct deposits into spicifc countries. However, I managed to over come this when I got an international card which links you to your local bank as well as gives you many options to have an international bank. Before you get excited you must look if your country has any tax policies regarding this! So lets dig right
October 14, 2019
Hey guys and gals,So it seems there has been a lot of quiet time here on WA when it comes to those posting their blogs and nobody putting it up for comments. So this very short blog is to remind you that once you put a blog up please share it for comments and comment on others blogs as well. It is a great way to build traffic to your website, get google indexed as well as get some feedback of your work. It would be great to see this more often as this year it seems everytime ive logged on its b
If you find that you would rather have your own products that you want to invest into having a side business and actually blog about it I am going to give you the information on the "how to." Although affiliate marketing can be fun and we all have found methods and ways to improve over time with different business ideas. Some of you might spend hours researching how you can get your own product line. This blog is targeted to those who wish to have their own product line but not have to spend ho
September 10, 2019
Hey guys,So I get a lot of messages from members on here and other platforms I use to how did I get started with learning marketing. Now I supose most on here can find videos on Youtube and other platforms to help you get started and it can get quite frustrating. Not to worry I have written a blog, unfortuntily Iit is on LinkedIn about all the places yu can find the answers you are looking for. These vary between learning from Google, Youtube and even Facebook. So I am putting the link here for