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Last Update: October 14, 2019

Hey guys and gals,

So it seems there has been a lot of quiet time here on WA when it comes to those posting their blogs and nobody putting it up for comments. So this very short blog is to remind you that once you put a blog up please share it for comments and comment on others blogs as well. It is a great way to build traffic to your website, get google indexed as well as get some feedback of your work. It would be great to see this more often as this year it seems everytime ive logged on its been really quiet. What I did realised with having comments i sthat people then who find you are more likely to actually click on your links especially if they see the feedback from others.

Please don't forget we are one awesome and big family here that work together to help each other!

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davehayes Premium
Though you say its quiet time within the community, and your post is a good remidner about blogging, there are lots of us within the community, me inlcuded, who work on our list daily, because without a list, there is no income and who only blog, when they have something of good content to share

I for one certainly don't blog, blogs sake
wendyk Premium
Its the first thing I do once I submit my post. Great reminder!