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Last Update: September 20, 2019

If you find that you would rather have your own products that you want to invest into having a side business and actually blog about it I am going to give you the information on the "how to."

Although affiliate marketing can be fun and we all have found methods and ways to improve over time with different business ideas. Some of you might spend hours researching how you can get your own product line. This blog is targeted to those who wish to have their own product line but not have to spend hours trying to find manufacturers or places that could make the products you want. I am currently in the process of making my "own product line." However, it is not me doing all the work. There are many methods to doing this and I want to explain exactly what I have done to get my very own beauty, skincare and health products using various suppliers and according to how I wanted the products made.

The first thing I did was types into Google " Private label beauty products" you can use the other term too which is "white label products." This will send you to various websites where you can see what each company offers. Some of them will allow you to customize your products, packaging and labels where as others give you their product, let you chose a label and use their packaging.

Secondly, I decided that I wanted my products to come in ecofriendly packaging and the refills to come in biodegradable packaging. This is where I learnt a valuable trick to get myself started. Aside from spending hours searching for my right company who makes exactly what I wanted I found that you could use Alibaba’s suppliers to get this done. Simply I typed in Alibaba and selected the products that I liked best and messaged the suppliers to find out the information on shipping, quantity, free samples and everything I was curious about.

Once I found a supplier that could give me the packaging I wanted and the products chosen from the beauty supplier I got all the information I needed to get my own product line up and going. This is where you need to take your business to the next step – marketing + website building.

If you are familiar with Woo-commerce then this could be pretty easy to upload your products and build your website. If not then I would recommend using a simple website builder such as Shopify, although its probably best t keep it on Wealthy Affiliate because the SEO benefits are greater.

Tips to getting started with your own product line:

  1. 1. Plan, research and connect with suppliers before you just take the leap
  2. 2. Make sure you have a registered business with a TAX number to be able to sell on Amazon and other platforms.
  3. 3. Write a business plan and keep all information together so that you have an idea where to start
  4. 4. Chose only a few products to begin with, maximum three.
  5. 5. Check with your suppliers about shipping, fulfillment and bar code/ SKU numbers
  6. 6. Don’t just jump into the idea, this is a long-term plan you could have as a business and you need to take time in understanding exactly what you want from it.
  7. 7. Have an affiliate program with your products and get them listed on Amazon.

What I did next after all of this was to start doing my marketing with SEO, SEM, SMM and of course getting influencers to blog, try etc. my products to get the ball rolling.

This article is just a baby step to help you get started, there are so many different companies that allow you to use their products as your own.

Top ten trending self-branding company ideas:

  1. 1. Fitness – clothing, shoes & equipment (yoga mats)
  2. 2. Health Care _ shakes, vitamins, minerals, protein shakes etc.
  3. 3. Beauty, Skincare, makeup & hair products
  4. 4. Teas
  5. 5. Wine & Spirits – please check about alcohol licenses before starting this up
  6. 6. Foods – sauces, pre pack meals, shakes, bars etc.
  7. 7. Pets – pet care products & pet health supplements
  8. 8. Coffee
  9. 9. Oils – essential & cooking
  10. 10. Bags- travels bags

Areas where there is short of an open market but will take longer to build the brand:

  1. 1. Computers
  2. 2. Mobile Phones
  3. 3. Tablets
  4. 4. Most technology and mechanical equipment

I would recommend that if you don’t see the above ideas on here but you are working already in a specialized market then search for something unique, I found many different topics such as women’s menstrual products, designer fashion, shoes, ebooks and even customizable hats.

I hope this blog helps you in getting your idea on the roll, remember to discuss all your ideas and options with your suppliers before you buy in. Some suppliers will allow you to sell directly from their manufacturer. Where as others require you to take care of this, you don’t need warehouse space just yet as you could discuss minimum quantities with your supplier. You could however sell on Amazon and get in touch with amazon fulfillment services to sort your product out for you and store it at amazon.

You can read a full article of everything through my LinkedIn article here:

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Helen123 Premium Plus
This is very interesting. I went about it in a different way. I don't white label but produce all natural products - soap, body butter, shampoo, conditioners etc that I sell. I also have natural packaging, but I do it myself, I wasnt convinced about the quality from Alibaba, so I didnt go down that route in the end. I also sell to others who white label my products, which is an awesome feeling. Im glad you are forging ahead and a great blog to help those that are not sure how to start.
Evamonster Premium
Thanks, what I found with Alibaba is that you need to request samples from them to see, feel and get a better understanding of their packaging. If you find the right suppliers they are easy to speak to regarding exactly what you want to get from them.
wendyk Premium
Thanks for sharing these great ideas.