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Last Update: March 30, 2018


This month I took the decision to join the WA family and I don't regret a moment.

I got to class 2 lesson 10 and learned a lot of wonderful things. I took a site, it's not ready but I'm sure it will end soon, anyway I'm proud of it, considering it's the first of my life done by myself, and every day I learn new things and I love it.

I chose as a niche, online opportunities, online business counseling. Because I am active in several network marketing companies, I would like to bring to the attention of others all the information and opportunities I know, and they are free to choose the company they want to collaborate with. By joining me here in WA, I also discovered what marketing affiliation means, I like it, so I will promote it ... See you in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the companies I collaborate with, I started to focus a lot on personal development, which changes my life, the products at each of them are wonderful, I am not just a simple member, I use the products to recommend them, so I like it. Also, through these networks I've made more friends, I'm more open and I'm getting income.

Since my goal is financial freedom and movement by the end of the year, so I took to come from this business by the end of the year full-time.

So in three months I want to have an income from this business of 1000 euro / month, to sleep in a quiet vacation, no worries that my business here does not go if I miss a few days, and in six months I want an income of 6000 euro / month when I become full-time and I begin to gain my freedom, to enjoy more time with my family, my children, to leave more often on holidays.

My biggest goal, when I get to earn over 10000 euros / month is to go to my country and invest in a home for the elderly and a sick children's hospital. They really need help, and I'm sure I will succeed.

What do you think? Is my dream too big? Do I dream too high?

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AMarketing Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affilate were happy to have you apart of this community.

Your goals are wonderful and keep reaching for the stars!!!

If your willing to put in the work you can definitely fulfill your dreams.

Good luck to you and your success here at Wealthy Affiliate.
EugeniaH Premium
Thank you very much for the wonderful words! Good luck you to!