Two Years At WA, Already? Two Valuable Things I've Learned

Last Update: Sep 4, 2021

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Well, it's been two years since I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate. After my first week, I became a premium member without a doubt.

I knew I was in the right place to start an online business with all the resources and support I can get. These past two years have gone by quickly.

Have I changed how I think of myself and building an online business?

You bet!

In this post, I'm going to share two things I've learned in the past year. Also, what lies ahead and my efforts to amplify my online business.

#1: Consistency matters in building an affiliate website/business

It may be an obvious one for many members. I knew from the beginning that would play a role in building a successful business.

But earlier this year, I was not consistent with my primary niche website. I had some personal issues to take care of earlier this year. Those have been taken care of since then.

But as a result, it prevented me from not working on my website. It was a bit of a setback, and I wrote very little content for nearly four months. So that time away took a beating on my site and rankings.

Am I disappointed? Yes, but I won't beat myself up for it. We all have setbacks every now and then, and I know some members have had similar experiences.

To paraphrase one or two people: It's okay to step away for some time. But the most important thing is that you come back. Never coming back at all won't do you any good.

Within the past three months, I got back into a normal routine. So far, I'm staying consistent and on schedule with putting out articles.

I'm writing two posts a week, and I'm looking to publish three-four posts by the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022. Three-four posts sounds challenging, but I'm determined to write that many posts every week.

My setback from the first part of 2021 taught me suitable lessons. At the moment, I'm committed to staying consistent with regular publishing and rankings. It's something where I force myself to write weekly posts. There are times where I need to motivate myself and think about the long-term vision of my business.

Sometimes, it's not easy; however, I think of the long-term rewards (i.e., recurring commissions) that'll come from growing a successful business. So those are the things I look forward to down the road.

#2: Community (Networking) matters: It makes a Difference

One of the best parts of being a WA member is the community support. Especially when you're starting out, it helps to get support and ask as many questions as possible.

If I went out on this journey by myself, I would have quit early on, said it's not worth it and felt hopeless. But getting the proper training, along with a place to ask questions and get help, makes a big difference.

It's why we're never meant to do it alone or work in the dark.

Also, connecting with like-minded people helps. I've reached out to a few people in the past year, and I've had great conversations via PMS. I enjoy asking for or providing help to others when needed.

It mattered a few months ago when I was thinking of giving up my first niche site. When I got back into my regular routine, I questioned whether I should keep going with my primary niche website. I'm seeing results, but not where I want it to be.

Shortly after, I reached out to one member that I was thinking of quitting my current website. She and I have been close, and I've helped her on some projects she's been working on.

But I told her I was looking into finding a new niche. However, we went back and forth about staying on the current path. She really liked the content I was writing and that there is so much long-term potential.

I'll say that she convinced me to not give up on my current niche site. Those messages we had inspired me, and I felt a renewed energy and spirit of keeping going.

I won't say who she was, but if I see the results later, I will publicly thank her when I see massive success.

That goes back to the point of being a great community. Developing relationships with the right people is essential to your business's success. There is a community of like-minded people to lean on, no matter how things are going.

What's Next

Testing out Premium Plus: Is it a Go?

My quick answer: I say "OH YES!" to Premium Plus. It'll be one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Reading the success stories at WA when I started out was one of the main reasons I joined WA. Also, I saw right away that the platform focuses on helping others. Hence, that's what we're taught to do in our businesses: to help others. WA is sincere in what they believe in; it's not about "selling" or ripping you off.

I believe anyone who becomes a premium member can build a successful online business. If you follow the training, take action, and publish regular content, anyone can have a full-time, profitable business within 18-24 months. That seems to be the time frame for most members who have been here for a long time.

For the past three months, I've been testing out Premium Plus. When it rolled out late last year (November 2020), I wanted to wait and see what other members had to say. I knew it was best to just wait and stick with premium.

But after some time, I wanted to check it out myself. I enjoy using Jaxxy enterprise (doing keyword research is much more efficient), and I love the additional classes.

Some of those classes were very valuable and will help me be a better content creator. Kudos to Kyle, Jay, and the other instructors for expanding on additional topics within online business.

Thinking of the Long-Term Vision

When it comes to investing in yourself and expanding your education, I have ambitious goals. But with premium plus, it's more of a long-term vision I have.

1-5 years is an excellent starting point in building a business. But sometimes, I look ahead 10+ years down the road. However, that's a whole different topic for another post to dive into where I see myself in the future.

My point is that expanding your knowledge and skillset can pay off greatly down the road. The knowledge and skills I learn today can benefit me and the growth of my business(es). The same applies to anyone who makes the most out of the WA training and resources.

One of Kyle's recent posts made me very excited about what is to come. Through excellent hosting, fantastic support, and the best education in the industry, WA wants to maintain its competitiveness.

I believe it will provide significant returns for my business(s) in the long haul. I love what I see, and I'm ready to make my first monthly payment later this month.

Final Words: I'm committed and ready to keep going

So I've learned some valuable lessons over the past year. I'll continue to revisit the training at WA and check out the new classes.

For new members who are questionable about WA's effectiveness, you've come to the right place.

Simply put, the training works. You WILL eventually see results from the training if you take action and follow through. You have to trust the process, no matter where you're at in your business.

It's all thanks to the WA training and the supportive community to help you along the way.

If you need more inspiration, check out my last success post.

For now, I'm back to working on my business. I'm ready for another year of potential success (and maybe surprises) ahead.

But until next time, may the journey to success continue.

-Eric (etseil20)

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You've learned some great lessons over the past two years, lessons which can apply far beyond WA. Glad to hear that things have now been sorted out so that you can spend more time on your site, but indeed taking care of life will always be much more important than any website!

Wishing you even greater success in year 3!

Thank you, Jeannine.

Yes, I have. I’m glad to be back on a normal schedule. It's great to be writing regularly.

All the best :)


Hi Eric,

Your post resonated with me in many areas. I joined WA about a year before you. There have been a few times when I slackened but always returned with a stronger conviction to keep moving forward. I also had pondered whether to change my niche or not as I was not earning anything.

However, other members who checked out my website liked what I created and convinced me to stay the course. Since I had accumulated a boatload of posts, why stop when I could build on that momentum.

I'm glad I did because I am now earning a recurring income through the WA affiliate program. I wrote a post about it yesterday and as I write this it is in the #1 slot. Just in case you are curious, here is the link: I hope it can give you a little encouragement. The other point you made was, being a member of WA you are not alone. Like you, I discovered that made all the difference in staying focused and building my business. I made it to be an Ambassador and stayed in that position for over a year. It was a pleasure to pay it forward, just like Kyle had intended.

At that point, I decided it was necessary to devote more focus on my business and didn't spend as much time on the forums of WA. That is not to say I don't use the help here. I ask questions when I need to as well as occasionally check out tips from the posts of other members. When I visit WA now it is mostly, to log in to my website and check my referrals and business progress. I love the tracking and affiliate messaging system WA has set up for those who promote the WA program.

I wish you all the success in the world. Go Eric go!



Thank you, Edwin!

Your comments are remarkable to read over. I’m so glad my post resonates with you in many ways.

I read your recent post, and that's amazing. That's great you made so much progress in you business.

I agree that the WA training works,
if followed and done correctly. So you made the most out of it.

I greatly appreciate your comment-
very well said and I love the support as well :)

Wishing you all the best,


Eric, congratulations on your 2nd WAnniversary!!
It is a joy to have you in our WA community and to follow your progress and celebrate your success.

I really like your blog post and have tagged it for future reference. Many of our new members need to understand the benefits of being here and what is required to succeed. You have laid out both very well.

Thank you for sharing and for being here.


Thank you very much, Cassi!

You are very kind with your words.

My posts are intended to help new members (and those who are struggling). It's all about sharing my experiences and helping others succeed.

Your comment made my day, especially coming from someone who helps others and actively contributes in our community. You’re a role model, for sure :)

All the best,


Firstly, many congratulations on celebrating your 2 years here at WA Eric!🥂

Secondly, (and most importantly) many congratulations on sticking with it.

Anyone who is serious here knows that it takes time to build a successful online business.

We all have setbacks in life which prevent us from moving forward at a rate we would be happy with, but the most important thing is to never give up, keep on learning and taking action as much as possible.

I wish you much success for the future my friend!:-)

Thank you very much!

Yes, there's no doubt it takes time and effort to build an online business. Setbacks can slow things down, but it's important that we come back and not give up.

As I’ve said before, quitting is the ultimate failure. We gotta keep up with no matter what.

Thanks again- much appreciated:)



So true Eric, the only time we fail, is when we give up.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend and have a prosperous start to the new week my friend.:-)

Hello there Eric, I hope to write something as inspiring as yours next year around this time. Your journey gives me more encouragement, thanks for sharing

Let us continue the journey- consistency and commitment with family trappings to aid us on the way- thats the way- good stuff 👌

Thank you, Chris.

If you keep up your journey here at WA (going through the training, building out your website, and writing posts regularly), great things will happen.

And you never know if you get some surprises here and there. so you gotta keep at it. No matter what happens or what life will throw at you, we can still manage and stay focused on the bigger picture ahead.

I'm glad my post gives you some encouragement. It's meant to help other members to keep going like I am.

Wishing you all the best :)


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