My WA Experience and Tips for Success

Last Update: June 19, 2014

After being here at WA for several months and putting some action plan forward, so far I have developed two website and are starting to get traffic now.

The first site:

which I put together to promote WA and providing some really useful articles and tools to help affiliate marketers or anyone that wants to succeed and make money online. This site took several weeks to fine tune and by utilizing some very useful SEO, Social Media and other plug ins I am now starting to get traffic.

The second site:

I created to help promote my business as a Mortgage Lender. As I learn some tricks and tweaks from right here at WA, I was able to even create Landing Pages to work with my online ads such as with Google's Pay Per Click (PPC), Facebook, and other sites in addition to getting traffic directly by optimizing.

The bottom line is to get in gear and make it happen it takes "learning how to" which is nicely and easily provided here and "having an action plan" to stick to and follow thru to get the desired results. For me, I am taking the steps while learning and wanted to share with you what I perceive is necessary in simple terms for achieving success online for taking my business to the next level:

1. Define small but achievable goals. Obviously, "wanting to grow my business" is too broad and not a defined term. "wanting to double my traffic within 6 months" is a more specific and defined goal. It is something that is achievable to focus on.

2. Develop an action plan that is driven from your strength. You have a well defined goal to work towards and now is the time to put an action plan to achieve it. At first you'd want to look at your business and figure out what your strengths are. As an example, do you have 5,000 followers on Facebook and only 500 on Twitter? Obviously your strength is your Facebook page because it yields the largest gain with less effort to advertise to or a plan of action to use Facebook ads to help drive traffic. This is the proper way to leverage your strength for maximum results.

3. Use your best friend "Analytics" to track your progress for fine tuning your site. You need to properly track all of the traffic that reaches your site so you know who your audiences are, where they are coming from as well as what is working and not working.

The WA has provided simple to follow lessons on how to setup and engage Google's Analytics for your site which by the way is the best available Analytics in my opinion.

4. Test your Action Plan. Before fully committing to your action plan, it is good to test whether this truly is a viable option for achieving your defined goal of doubling your traffic. As a smart marketer look at your business from different angles and think like a scientist, follow simple methods like the following:

Ask a question You've already done this; “How do I double my traffic?”

Initial research You’ve done this as well. You’ve identified your strength as the number of Facebook followers you have and have come up with an action plan based on this strength.

Construct a hypothesis What do you believe the outcome will be when you test your action plan?

Test your hypothesis Important, this is actually following through with your action plan.

Analyze data and form a conclusion Once you’re done testing, you will have the information you need to form an educated opinion whether this is a viable method for doubling your traffic and growing your business. This will be based on the analytics that you have gathered within a very short time.

After testing, decide whether the results were the same, better, or worse than you expected in your hypothesis? What can you do to improve to ensure better results next time?

5. Utilize available tools to optimize and Re-test. Once you’ve identified the areas that you can improve upon, re-test and track your results. When you begin seeing the results that you’ve hypothesized, then this is the method you should continue to use and eventually master. At this time, perhaps you'd want to quickly adjust your marketing budget to maximize your traffic and profit.

6. Don't Stop there and Repeat and Repeat. Now that you have conquered your first defined goal, you'd want to set higher or other goals to improve your business. It is time to repeat the entire process, beginning again from step 1. Maybe you want to double your traffic again or Perhaps you want to increase your revenue.

Whatever you decide, repeat the steps over and over again and you can even grow your business into a household name if that is your goal. It takes passion and continued persistence, but following these simple outlines, I have no doubt that anyone can and will succeed. Good luck!

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