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The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice it’s conformity…Instead of being courageous enough to follow your dreams, or pursue your goals; you become complacent and conform to your surroundings. (I hate I can’t) I can’t afford that, I can’t buy this car, I can’t live over here, I can’t apply for this position, I can’t make it without assistance. You settle for that substandard apartment or that substandard home, you conform to that used car you financed at the “Buy Here Pay Here place” because you say that’s all you can afford, you only shop at Walmart, not by choice but because you say that’s all you can afford. You conform to only eating and feeding your kids fast food or buffets because that’s all you think you can afford. You buy all off brand food, not by choice but again you think that’s all you can afford. (Now if you have a plan and are doing these things to save money towards your goal of buying a house, or becoming debt free then that’s different) You make the choices for you not because “I can’t”. Be content in the moment just not satisfied, because you know you want more for yourself and your family.

You want and desire more but that desire must be strong enough to take you outside of your comfort zone, you have to learn to be comfortable with uncomfortable situations in order to progress, not be afraid to step outside the box; don’t just stay at that dead end job just because it’s a job. You have to be bold enough to pursue your ideal job or business. You have to stop conforming to things you don’t like, stop accepting less and thinking less of yourself. If you would be ashamed to serve it to Oprah you should be ashamed to serve it to yourself and your family. The affluent conform too, they conform to abundance, they expect the finer things, clothes, food, cars and they demand the best services for their money this is what they are used to this is their conformity.

The Poor and the less fortunate try and justify their shortcomings by making it seem nobler or religiously spiritual to be poor; they often use the Bible quote (It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven). But my interpretation of this quote is quite different, God, Jesus or whatever your religion chooses to call him, expects us all to live a life of abundance; the problem arises when you covet your wealth and material things more than you do your creator thereby excluding yourself from heaven.

We have all seen a show or movie where a rich person has to be “taken down a notch” by a poor person, making them feel embarrassed because they can shop at the finest stores and eat the finest foods; when it should be the other way around the poor person should be embarrassed they can’t, and not conform to a temporary situation and accept it as a way of life.

If all you want to do is “JUST MAKE IT” then that’s exactly all you will ever do is just make it. Set big goals, achieve big results, it’s up to you…

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KatieMac Premium
Nice post and I do like the quote we need to be all we can and strive for a better world
SimplyT Premium
And let the church say...... A-men. Okay, you are "preaching" now. This is truth. It's good to do a lifestyle evaluation and see if you are reaching your full potential or just going with the flow, like everyone else. What you wrote reminds me of something I heard (I think it was from Dr. Miles Munroe) about how most of the potential that could have been realized is in the graveyard.

I remember during a conversation I was telling someone about the type of house I desired to live in. I was describing some of the intricate detail and explaining how it was becoming more important to me for my residence to be far better than some of the "nice" places (hotels/resorts) that I've visited.

Conforming to someone else's norm is now officially prohibited.

ESmall2017 Premium
A-men, everyone won't see what you see, or understand your dream if it's out of the norm, but as long as you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it...

Can't wait to see your new home.
altard Premium
Great Post!
Sui_generis Premium
We do achieve what we aspire to. I've always heard "Reach for the moon. Even if you don't make it, you'll still amongst the Stars"
ESmall2017 Premium
Exactly often times we don't give ourselves enough credit, aim too low and hit and that's the furthest we ever go...

thanks for reading and responding
mijareze Premium
Wow, thanks!
ESmall2017 Premium
Ed thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts, sometimes you just have to let it out... I'm also thankful to the WA family for giving me a platform to learn grow and express my opinions through writing...

Here's to our "Big Goals"