3 days inactive report

Last Update: September 13, 2015


I was 3 days outside of internet, so I cant add some content to sites nor blogs.

I want to share where I was and some report with affiliate network.

1. Affiliate network : Today I checked - site is indexed on Google, so first goal is there ! Now I need to grow this site up with my personal skill. Im still on course 4, lesson 9 but tomorrow I will continue. Mine Premium acc will end maybe before 8 october, so I want to learn much as I can at this time ! Thanks for help from WA community !

2. 3 Days inactive, and my blog page here on WA was rated from 2 page on google on first page on google. So next goal is achieved !

3. Some photos from Slovakia, you can enjoy them.

Sites :
http://militarysaleowner.siterubix.com/ - Old page where I will write some reviews,add photos etc. Its mine personal site for sale as military surplus - Indexed on Google

http://awealthyaffiliate.siterubix.com/ - New page where I want to share my opinion about this all, and bring closer what people can achieve wih this community ! Dont worry any of secret details or premium stuff will not be there :) Only common.

Also - Im working on free websites as you can see and need build some great traffic, if you can help me how to grow it up, let mek now.

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Erik looks like things are starting to happen for you . Great niche you are in . Keep the ball rolling.
Erikonjones2 Premium
Thanks Alexander,
today was indexed second page, so Im happy to start this day ! I will try to improve my english and content on both pages soon !
Thans and best wishes to you too