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Hello everyone, sorry for bothering with this, but I erased my website on siterubix, I dont know how but I made it. I had there a comments, a few , maybe eight, and I dont know how to get them back. IF there is any chance to get them back it will be great if no, can you leave some comments ? I found only course One lesson what I wrote about how it is in wealthy affilaite site, and amazon funny problem. So If you have a time, leave me there something.EDIT : Now checked it and there is more missi
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September 13, 2015
Hello,I was 3 days outside of internet, so I cant add some content to sites nor blogs. I want to share where I was and some report with affiliate network.1. Affiliate network : Today I checked - site is indexed on Google, so first goal is there ! Now I need to grow this site up with my personal skill. Im still on course 4, lesson 9 but tomorrow I will continue. Mine Premium acc will end maybe before 8 october, so I want to learn much as I can at this time ! Thanks for help from WA community !2.
Hello,Today I get to Course 4 and lesson 9. You know, write some blog - you maybe will get ranked on google. So I had wrote one yesterday ( ? ) about my funny problem with amazon and how I solved it. Today I have checked it and here we go : FIRST on SECOND page on google. I cant believe it. Just this small goal for this day ! and proof !more about it you will can find here
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Hello,Today I have another achievement for me ! Im working hard on lessons and trying to grow up own online very slowly and trained. I have changed websites several times, deleting, editing etc. But now I know what I want to write about. Money online for free ! In our country there much scammers. I want to make bilingual site,in English language ( I need to also work on it ) and in Slovak Language for fellow Czech brothers and other national members !Now Im focusing on this site and I want sha
Hello, Before I will start this short blog I want to sorry my english. I will make it better and better with this community and other people.So where I can start. Im young boy as you can see, and there was a few moments when I tried some NON LEGIT sites on google to make some passive income. Yes I think you tried too. I was for first time HURRAY ! I made first 100 usd lets get them to account but there was few problems ! I found that the page is non legit and I will not be able to get the money
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