What's Your Opinion: One of my Articles on Wedding Photographers

Last Update: August 01, 2013

Please go ahead and state your opinion at http://goo.gl/VItnrp I would like to hear all of your thoughts on this one.



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ericrk7 Premium
Thanks Dave!
dwdad99 Premium
Good article. Looked at your website. You blended everything nicely. Great lead in.
ericrk7 Premium
Thanks! I appreciate it!
BIS Premium
You are a good story teller and I enjoyed the article.

However, when you're writing an article in that style, be careful that the introduction isn't so long that you risk losing people before you've made your point.

You have five paragraphs before you get round to the point of your article which was 'Why Hire a Photographer'.

If you hadn't asked in here for people to review it and I had just come across it - I would have left after the second paragraph thinking the title doesn't match the content.

Just my view. - Fee free to ignore.

You write very well