New Website...still working on it!

Last Update: July 01, 2013
Hello All!

I just started my new Blog/Website...check it out at give me ideas to make it better!

Looking for ways to make money here on the internet!

Make it a great day!

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CliffMP Premium
Good start... the only thing I can offer at this point is this....

1. unbold all your text.... - It can become tiresome when all text is thick and black...

Compare your 'home' page to the 'bloggie' page and you'll see how much easier the text on the 'bloggie' page is to read.

2. break up any paragraphs more than 5 lines

3. along those lines..... on your 'getting started' page.... space out your bullet points more... it looks like one big block of text....

4. You might want to get more graphics in and about your pages..... for now... it's almost ALL text.....

Nothing major here.... just little points that you've seen all around WA.... but since you asked....

good job!