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Last Update: March 31, 2016

Inspired by Ian (pribs) most recent blog post, I wanted to take a moment and share a daily self-help tool that can be quite useful when employed. It's called a "Did List" and it is just what it sounds like.

At the end of the day just sitting down for a few minutes and listing out the things that you actually DID that day. Can't remember who I first heard it from because I am always listening to and reading info from people that are more successful than I am in order to grow, but (when I am faithful to it) I find it to be quite encouraging.

And who doesn't need that right?

If you already use a tracking software that keeps track of all your online time that's great, but the ol' pen and paper can work too. I was even blogging it for a time on a site just to keep in practice of doing it and creating content / typing on my PC as a habit former.

(an example)

Similar ideas are out there like "Gratitude Lists" - at the end of the day listing out the things and people you are grateful for and about. Think that was an Oprah thing for a while - she has some reasonable success eh??

If you find that you can't remember all you did (or where you went) on a day or string of days, I found a neat part of the Trip Advisor app that actually tracks your moves if you leave it on the whole time and puts it into a timeline that can then even be emailed and/or shared. Some may think that is too "Big Brother" but I am a moving target 'cause I travel full-time for business and besides that privacy died decades ago...just wish political correctness would jump into the grave next to privacy LOL.

Thanks for your help and feedback in the community and let me know if you try the Did List and how it works for you.

Blessings, Eric

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greenbrierwv Premium
Eric---Love these suggestions! Wow---I never thought of this! Thanks for posting these. I may have to start doing the "did" list too. Best wishes!