And so the journey begins.

Last Update: November 26, 2018

Well, after about a four-year break from affiliate marketing to focus on my career in the military in which I was deployed about 40% of the time, and start raising two little girls, I’m ready to get back into affiliate marketing!

I’m sure a lot has changed and I’m excited to learn what’s new and get a fresh start with a new perspective. I have two new niches that plan to start with. Here are my short term goals for each niche site:

  1. Write one 1000 word article (content rich)
  2. Write 3 specific niche articles
  3. Create YouTube Channel
  4. Create 3 videos that solve a problem each
  5. Write two reviews with video about niche related profits

Long term goals (>2 months) for each site:

  1. One 1000 words article per month
  2. One niche article (500-750) word weekly
  3. One video (every other week)
  4. One in depth review of a related product with video each month

Im always open for advice. Please respond if you see that I am missing something or off track...

For transparency, short term goals should be done by 1/31/19! Keep me honest!

Have a great week WA!

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smartketeer Premium
Awesome goals Eric!

VictorF22 Premium
This is really good. Stay committed and don't get lazy (like many of us here. I'm #1 on that list!)

Finding the time to get back to work.

Love your goals!