I Added More Things To Do In Order To Create Balance....

Last Update: December 09, 2014

So when you choose to add more things in life to do, it seems oxymoronic in order to create balance. When you're trying to balance a heavy load, just to through another weight on top, it would just make things more DIFFICULT, right?

I disagree. I go to work all day, using my analytical brain consistently. I come home and use my mothering brain all afternoon. At night I use my technical brain working on my website and WA. Where's the RELIEF?

So I joined up with an old winter guard I participated in over 8 years ago so my creative/artistic brain can give everything else a rest. Yes, I HAVE to spend every Monday night at practice, and every Saturday for the next few months at performances when I could use that time working on my site still.

But I choose to spin my flag and toss my saber and dance BECAUSE if I don't, my brain and efforts will fry. I'll get burnt out and fear all my previous efforts will lag in the long run.

Why my story? Make sure you take a BREAK from working. Allow yourself to keep doing that hobby you enjoy, or being active in a group just for fun; bowling, photography, whatever! Your inner self will thank you; and you WON'T regret having made the fun memories alongside becoming successful.

What things are you doing to stay sane? Keep it in your life.

(PS - I have a Bachelor's in Biological Engineering. But I kept doing Marching Band and got a minor in Art History JUST so I could have a break from all the science! ;) )

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VirgilK Premium
that sounds really good.
booklover2 Premium
I love to read! Keeps me sane!
Maxiam59 Premium
I play video games it takes me to a place where I can be what ever I want all the best
erashallbe Premium
I know! I can't find time to practice either. We just barely go the whole show drill on the floor now and I'm always one count behind it seems on the routine. But we made a video last night that I can watch and (hopefully) practice with.

Good luck with your drawing class. My husband is an artist and he HAS to have time everyday to get away from the world and just paint. But I make sure he has the time or else life just becomes difficult.

Let me know how your class goes! Fun.
JewelCat Premium
I love it! I think you made a great decision! You need something for YOU to relieve your stress. I am a working mom also and trying to get my website going and I take timeouts for myself in a weekly drawing class trying to learn to draw. All week I look forward to my class (now finding the time to practice is a whole other story).