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Last Update: October 24, 2019

So I just finished posting my eleventh post since I joined back in August. I don't have too many affiliate links in my posts but I do have a few. I have progressed through the training and I am currently working on the Adsense portion of the training. I was declined using adsense from google and I am sure that I probably didn't put it in the right spot. I am still navigating the word press back office and seem to learn something new everyday I explore in there. I have enjoyed the writing thus far but have zero comments which doesn't't surprise me I suppose as I am a very very small fish in a huge ocean of content. I try to stay with keywords with low hanging fruit and read a lot of the blogs here daily.

After I finished my post tonight I thought about the word faith. There are plenty of meanings but to me faith is believing in something you can't necessarily see. I am going about this journey in just that fashion. I really may not understand the concepts fully yet but believe in the training and success stories I have read. With each post I publish I think of them as building blocks that some day will be fruitful. I have no idea if I have even had one visitor to my site as of yet( still haven't gotten to that training) but I have mixed some of my posts with encouragement to help the reader in their daily life not with the idea of actually selling anything to them.

So this journey for me right now is blind faith. Trusting in the training trusting in this great community of like-minded people helping each other. I am just going to keep on building and one day look forward to being able to understand all the graphs I have seen, understand all the lingo a bit better and one day... one day make that first $1

Have a blessed night.

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Twack Premium
Hi Eric, sounds like you're everything the right. Keep the faith and your hardwork will pay off, just a matter of time. You have just the right way of looking at things. Giving the reader value will allow them to trust you and then the sales will come.
Keep it and and thanks for the update, I look forward to the next.
Using 'Site Comments' is one way of building some up or you can use this one.
klchang Premium
Happy for you, Eric. You are right ... keep on building.
Have a blessed day to you too.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Eric, you have a wonderful vision and you will see it through to fruition! I'm excited for you and your journey! You've made great gains already! Can you imagine what the next few weeks/months will bring! I'm very much looking forward to reading your next success post, and then the next! You will do great things, I know it! Keep on trusting the process! It WILL work! Stay blessed, my friend!