A Friday Rant

Last Update: March 01, 2019

Good afternoon!

Marsha here.

This has been a long week. It seems like I haven't gotten much done. But, we keep pushing forward. Right?

I think I've mentioned before that I have a blog site over on Blue Host. I'm planning to move it here this month. My contract is up and I can't see paying the price they want for another year. Besides - their security is not that good.

This week alone I've had 3 people hack into my dashboard and set themselves up as administrators. Now, how does that happen? I keep changing the password, but they keep getting in. In the year I've had that site, there have been 6 people who've gotten in.

It worries me that someone will take over and steal all my recipes. I've got over 750 recipes on that site. I've put in alot of work on that site. It's time to bring it over here.

One more problem came up. Some lady over on Pinterest has accused me of stealing her image of macaroni & cheese. So, I had to go through this whole long dialog with the Pinterest people so that they would take it off my "record". I went through my thousands of recipes on there and the image was not there nor on my blog.

I'm sorry for the rant, but sometimes you have to get these things off your chest. Thank you all for listening. I'm going to go and start our dinner and then relax. Tomorrow is another day and I know it's going to be better.


P.S. Michael's off visiting with his brother - that's why it's just me.

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mytreebark Premium
Change your user name as well! Most people leave it as admin.
If your username is admin, change it immediately. There is software that can crack any password. A unique username plus a strong password should help a lot.
epiphany55mp Premium
Thank you! I don't keep my username as admin. But, a change might be a good idea.